SMS was designated member of the International Committee of External Auditors, and Pablo San Martín, President of the firm, will be chairman of the Audit Committee of the organization

July, 2017 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

SMS Latinoamérica, the international organization of audit and consulting firms with HQ in Argentina, has been designated as a member of the Transnational Auditors Committee and, as of July 2017, its president, Pablo San Martín, will become the Chairman of the Forum of Firms´ Audit Committee.

"I am honored by this designation to chair the Audit Committee and also by the fact that the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) focused its attention on SMS Latinoamérica in order to share best practices and commitment with professional quality in transnational audits," said Pablo San Martín. He added: "I feel proud and honored to have a position of such importance in the Forum of Firms”

The Transnational Auditors Committee is responsible for implementing and advancing the goals and operations of the world's leading auditing firms, and plays an important role by encouraging its members to conduct transnational audits of high technical quality, demanding the commitment to comply with international standards.