Pellerano & Herrera Selected Best Company to Work for

July, 2017 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Pellerano & Herrera was selected as the best company to work for, in the law firm category, and one of the best companies to work for in the Dominican Republic in 2017, for eleventh consecutive year by Mercado magazine's annual ranking of 80 leading Dominican companies.

"The key to this prestigious law firm's success is their team of lawyers" highlighted the business publication, "their service is backed by their up to date knowledge and expertise, innovation and creativity".

Mercado recognizes the firm's national and international prestige, sustained by the professional capabilities of their team of expert lawyers in different arrays of law.

"With a team of more than 40 law and business specialists, Pellerano & Herrera bets on knowledge management, through executive coaching and continuous training programs".

Mercado magazine is one of the most prestigious and respected business publications in the Dominican Republic.