ENSafrica launches ENSafrica intelligENS

March, 2018 - Cape Town, South Africa

ENSafrica, Africa’s largest law firm, has just launched “ENSafrica intelligENS”. ENSafrica intelligENS is a specialist division within the firm, which has been established to provide clients with products and services that are powered by cutting-edge, digital systems using artificial intelligence.
This new offering enables clients to conduct sophisticated analyses of information, which is particularly useful when there is a requirement to process large volumes of data in fast turnaround times.

ENSafrica intelligENS’s capabilities include the:
• collection of information from various platforms and types of storage media or devices, in-house, at clients’ premises or remote premises
• filtering and classification of information, deleting irrelevant information, extracting key threads and cataloguing information to ensure relevant material can be found quickly
• analysis of information to determine relevant trends, associations, patterns and to find the specific information required for a variety of business purposes.

Whether for purposes of due diligence, e-discovery, cyber security, governance, digital forensics, research or otherwise, ENSafrica intelligENS is able to bring a new level of speed and accuracy to data interrogation and cataloguing. As the tools and systems that ENSafrica intelligENS uses are deployed in-house, no outsourcing is required. This provides the benefit to clients of unique, time-cost efficiencies, which are underpinned and guaranteed by highly experienced law, digital forensics, e-discovery and risk-management experts.

ENSafrica intelligENS offers these new products and services across Africa, supported by the firm’s offices in Southern, East and West Africa and Mauritius.

For more information, please email [email protected] or contact:

Erin Plante
head of intelligENS
[email protected]
cell: +27 82 297 5570