Haynes and Boone Receives High Marks in IPR Intelligence Report

September, 2018 - Dallas, Texas

Haynes and Boone, LLP, along with several firm partners and associates, received high marks in the 2018 edition of IPR Intelligence, a report by the intellectual property analytics company Patexia Inc. Among the report’s highlights, Haynes and Boone ranked as the seventh most active law firm representing petitioners.

The firm has handled 268 cases, including 232 for patent challengers.

“With hundreds of AIA [America Invents Act] trials under our belt, including decisions sustained in Federal Circuit appeals, we are proud to appear in the very top tier of firms,” said Partner David W. O’Brien, who leads Haynes and Boone’s Patent Office Trials Practice Group.

“Because our track record on institution of trial and cancellation of challenged claims is so important to clients and to the litigation teams on which we play a role, we are very pleased to see two of our attorneys recognized among the 25 top-performing attorneys representing petitioners,” O’Brien said.

The following Haynes and Boone lawyers are listed among the “most active attorneys representing petitioners:”

David McCombs ranked fifth, with 139 petitioner cases. McCombs is primary counsel for many leading corporations in IPR, reexamination, and concurrent patent litigation in the federal courts and before the U.S. Patent Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board.
David M. O’Dell ranked 11th, with 95 petitioner cases. O’Dell is a chair of the Patent Trials and Counseling Practice Group with more than 20 years of experience as a patent lawyer, including participating in IPR, negotiating patent licenses, and preparing and prosecuting patent applications.
Andy Ehmke ranked 45th, with 55 petitioner cases. Ehmke is primary counsel for many high-profile technology companies in IPR proceedings before the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board. His practice spans nearly 20 years.
Additionally, two lawyers are listed among the “best performing attorneys representing petitioners,” as measured by instituted claims, a minimum number of IPR cases, non-pending cases, settled cases, and other success points:

Associate Scott Jarratt ranked 16th out of 3,283 practitioners, with 76.20% petitioner performance.
Ehmke ranked 25th out of 3,283 practitioners, with 71.60% petitioner performance.
Ehmke also ranked as the 14th “best performing attorney representing petitioners or patent owners” (Top 1%).

“The firm has a strong reputation for defending our clients against unreasonable patent assertions, including through our patent litigation, patent licensing, and IPR work,” O’Dell said. “We work together as a team to provide the best defense possible for our clients.”

The group’s success in IPRs is premised on collaboration, O’Dell added.

“Our IPR teams include people who are very skilled in technology, people who are very experienced at working with the Patent Office, and people who are very proficient at litigation and other aspects of trial,” he said.

Additional report numbers

The IPR report used data from all 7,751 IPR challenges filed over the past five years for the comprehensive report. Here are some other Haynes and Boone highlights:

Top 50 best performing law firms representing petitioners:

Haynes and Boone ranked 17th, with 56.60 percent petitioner performance.
Top 50 best performing law firms overall representing petitioners or patent owners:

Haynes and Boone ranked 42nd, with 53.10 percent overall performance.
Top 50 most active attorneys overall representing petitioners or patent owners:

McCombs ranked 10th, with 151 cases.
O'Dell ranked 29th, with 103 cases.
Top 50 most active law firms overall representing petitioners or patent owners:

Haynes and Boone ranked 10th, handling 268 cases.
Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international corporate law firm with offices in Texas, New York, California, Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., London, Mexico City and Shanghai, providing a full spectrum of legal services in energy, technology, financial services and private equity. With more than 550 lawyers, Haynes and Boone is ranked among the largest U.S.-based firms by The National Law Journal, The American Lawyer and The Lawyer.