Javier Matias Berdaguer

Javier Matias Berdaguer



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Javier Berdaguer, lawyer, works in the Banking and Corporate Department. He is assistant Professor of Civil Law at the University of Uruguay, School of Law.


School of Law, University of Uruguay
Areas of Practice

Banking | Commercial Law | Communications | Consumer Law | Corporate and Business | E-Commerce | Finance | Intellectual Property | Internet and Cyberspace | Media | Mergers & Acquisitions | Trademarks


Special Report: Coronavirus and its Effects on Contracts
Guyer & Regules, March 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 virus (“Coronavirus”) worldwide has had, in addition to the enormous impact on the health of the population, a notorious effect on the economic life of individuals and companies, and also on the execution of contracts. It affects the internal processes of a company, the production or services on which it depends to subsist, and even makes it difficult to fulfill the obligations assumed with third parties...