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Lavery is a major full-service law firm of more than 200 lawyers and the leading independent law firm in Quebec. The firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services to regional, national and multinational corporations; financial institutions; and government departments, agencies, and Crown corporations. It also has an extensive practice in advising other Canadian and foreign law firms on matters of Quebec law.

Lavery has developed strong ties with law firms and other professional firms across Canada, the United States and worldwide, thereby enabling us to assist our clients to develop opportunities outside Quebec. The firm is a member of the World Services Group, a global non-profit association with membership by invitation only, consisting of large local, national and international professional services providers in over 115 countries.

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Marie-Josée  Hétu

Marie-Josée Hétu

Partner and Associé directrice (bureau de Trois-Rivières)
Alexandre  Pinard, CRIA

Alexandre Pinard, CRIA

Senior Associate


Is the proposed amendment to the Competition Act to combat greenwashing really a step forward?

Greenwashing is a form of marketing that misrepresents a product, service or practice as having positive environmental effects,1 thereby misleading consumers and preventing them from making an informed purchasing decision.2 Several initiatives have been launched around the world to counter this practice. In California, a law requires business entities to disclose information in support of environmental claims...

New rules will make it easier to transfer family businesses

The 2023 Federal Budget (the ?Budget?), tabled on March 28, 2023, proposes amendments to certain provisions of the Income Tax Act (ITA) that would make ?genuine? intergenerational business transfers no longer subject to the anti-avoidance rules of section 84.1 and allow the transferor to benefit from their capital gains exemption. To do so, the Budget establishes new general conditions that the parties must meet, as well as specific conditions that apply to ?immediate? transfers, or those made over a period of no more than 36 months, and ?gradual? transfers, or those that take five to ten years to complete...

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Lavery celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

This year, the World Intellectual Property Day theme is "Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating innovation and creativity". Therefore, Lavery is pleased to recognize the contribution of a female inventor. Women face significant barriers in the patent and telecommunications sectors, where under-representation and gender bias are unfortunately common. In the field of patent application drafting, women represent only 12% of inventors, while in telecommunications, only a quarter of professional positions are held by women. In spite of this situation, pioneers like Lila Madour are making significant contributions to their fields, overcoming these challenges with determination and skill...

Lavery Assists Premier Parks LLC in the Purchase of Calypso-Valcartier Group’s Shares

Calypso-Valcartier Group recently announced the sale of all of the shares of its two amusement parks, Village Vacances Valcartier located near Quebec City and Calypso, near Ottawa, and more specifically of the shares of the two parks’ operating corporations and their asset holding corporations. The assets of the two parks are now indirectly owned by EPR Properties, and they are operated by a Canadian subsidiary of Premier Parks, LLC. Our partners, André Vautour and France Camille De Mers, and their team assisted Premier Parks LLC in the due diligence of the parks’ assets and operations...

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