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WSG is the globally recognized resource for professionals and their clients to receive the highest quality, value and service from legal, investment banking and accounting services. WSG provides members the ability to create new business opportunities and relationships to better serve their clients. There are more than 120 prominent member firms representing worldwide clients. Members operate in more than 115 countries and throughout the United States and Canada, reaching representation in over 150 jurisdictions globally. The network has become one of the most prominent global networks of leading independent firms offering access to over 23,000 individuals and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

WSG Pledge to a Quality Membership

WSG ensures the highest standards across its membership through the implementation of strict admissions criteria, membership bylaws and policies, regular member reviews, peer-to-peer feedback and oversight by the Board of Directors and Regional Councils.

Only firms providing high quality standards and excellent client services are invited to join WSG. Firm membership is subject to review and are selected based on strict objective standards established by the Board of Directors including:

  • Being among the leading local, national and/or international firm
  • Having the highest professional reputation within the professional community
  • Having unparalleled depth of practical experience in their region

WSG is a non-exclusive organization and members may belong to other associations, networks or alliances. For further information about becoming a member, please contact WSG at, [email protected]
Membership Process

WSG is a non-exclusive organization. Members may belong to other associations, networks, or alliances. While membership to WSG is primarily by invitation, a firm may approach WSG directly. Members are typically nominated by a current member and are selected based upon strict objective standards. Each nomination must be agreed to by all members of the jurisdiction and the Board of Directors. If all membership criteria are met, a firm may be invited to apply.

Membership Process:

1.  Nomination: Firm nominated by WSG member and interviewed
2.  Regional Review: Firm evaluated by regional members
3.  Application: Firm submits application and application fees
4.  Board Review: Board evaluation and discussion
5.  Board Vote: Formal vote of the Board of Directors
6.  Approval: Applicant informed of Board decision

For further information about becoming a member, please contact WSG at, [email protected]

Membership Fees & Value

Built upon a platform of innovation and technology, WSG provides better packaged services that include membership for all firm professionals, providing more value compared to the traditional competitor. Member fees are set by the Board of Directors and are classified by service industry and jurisdiction representation.

For further information about becoming a member, please contact WSG at, [email protected]

Membership Policy

WSG is the world leading association of independent professional services firms and companies. The member firms / companies operate independently and are not responsible for each other's work or business. However members are expected to provide excellent service and adhere to the following "WSG Service Policies & Principles".


  • Each member is expected to offer outstanding service as per internationally recognized standards formulated by the relevant professional body / association.
  • All members are expected to be clear and prompt in acknowledging and dealing with requests or inquiries from other members, in any case not more than 24 hours from the initial request. The communication may be sent through telephone fax or e-mail.
  • WSG member firms will have the capability to converse in conduct business in English. They will also have access to resources for multilingual capability wherever required.
  • All WSG members are committed to provide and use the following technologies for effective communication:
    • Each professional should have access to the Internet and have their own e-mail address.
    • Windows software like Word.
    • Anti-virus protection and a system for regular back-ups.
    • Voicemail with English language prompts.
  • Free Advice Policy: Contact between WSG members is encouraged; this could be direct or through WSG Networks. Communication can be initiated by the principal contacts or even by specific members in practice categories covered by WSG. Free Advice includes discussions about the current status of the law or other general issues which would normally take 30 minutes or less. This policy is not applicable if research is required, documents are to be reviewed or any opinion is provided that the consulting member uses as a work product.
  • Free Office Policy: The "Free Office Policy" makes available offices, conference rooms, telephones, fax machines and secretarial support within reason to all members with a need, at other members' offices, while traveling on business. Effectively, this policy gives each member access to offices worldwide.
  • In the event that an initial communication develops into an engagement, the following principles will be adhered to:
    • Referring members will provide upon request, a detailed explanation of the objectives and scope of the task / work.
    • Members receiving the referral will confirm in writing that they have the necessary skill and adequate staff for handling the work.
    • Members will also ensure that each lawyer has the appropriate back up member for all referred matters.
    • Members receiving the referral will also provide upon request an engagement letter which will clarify how the fees will be determined, calculated and billed.
    • They are also obliged to provide status or progress reports wherever requested.
    • Invoices will be rendered promptly.
  • WSG members will give priority to and address immediately client satisfaction issues pertaining to their own or other members' clients.
  • WSG members will be evaluated for their service performance and adherence to these policies periodically, and this will impact their continuing membership in WSG.

WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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