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We focus on our clients' business needs, helping them find effective and practical solutions for their most difficult legal problems.

We maintain the highest legal and business standards. We are committed to promoting the civil society and the rule of law. We participate in non-profit projects and pro bono initiatives.

Our lawyers are active members of Polish and international legal organisations, gaining access to global knowhow and developing a network of contacts with the top lawyers and law firms in the world, which our clients can also benefit from.

We apply best global practice in law firm management. We continually improve the firm's operations, to our clients' advantage. We hold PN-EN ISO 9001-2015 quality certification for legal services.

We enjoy a reputation as a friendly employer. Our lawyers can grow in professional, business and social terms, including through training programmes on law and management skills.

We share our knowledge and experience through our portal for lawyers and businesspeople (www.inprinciple.pl), the firm Yearbook, the new tech law blog (www.newtech.law), the labour and employment law blog (HRlaw.pl), commentary to the new Public Procurement Law Act (komentarzpzp.pl - only in Polish) and numerous other publications and reports.

There are currently almost 150 lawyers in the firm serving clients in Polish, English, French, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Italian and Korean.

We have offices in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow.

Year this Office was Established: 1988
Lawyers Worldwide: 150


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Ewa Butkiewicz

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Agata Kryger

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Ewa Scibior

Senior HR Specialist
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Aleksandra Wlodarczyk

Marketing Coordinator
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Justyna Zandberg

Content Marketing Specialist, Managing Editor
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Jakub Macek



Employing Ukrainian citizens in Poland—step by step

What can employers say in a job advertisement? How to verify the legality of a worker’s stay in Poland? What are the steps for legally hiring Ukrainians in Poland? What formalities are required when amending their terms of employment? How to delegate Ukrainian citizens to work elsewhere in the EU? How to end cooperation with foreign workers? Lawyers from the firm’s Employment & Global Mobility practice write about the rules for employing Ukrainians in Poland...

Freezing of Accounts by Law Enforcement Authorities

It’s hard to explain to someone who has never been accused of a crime that they cannot use their own money, and this situation could last for months. Nonetheless, an institution exerting this effect functions under Polish law and can impact both individuals and companies This institution is the freezing of accounts. In general it is used where there is a suspicion that funds in an account have a criminal origin or are related to an offence. This institution is grounded in several sets of regulations in Poland, and how it is applied differs under each act. In this report we examine the institution of freezing of accounts in Poland...

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News from Poland—Business & Law, Episode 31: Out-of-court enforcement of a registered pledge on shares in a limited-liability company

What is a registered pledge on shares in a limited-liability company, and how is this security enforced? These questions are answered in the latest episode of News from Poland—Business & Law by Mateusz Tusznio, an advocate and restructuring adviser specialising in banking and finance law and restructuring of corporate debt. Afterwards, Konrad Grotowski, host of the programme, shines a spotlight on how Polish businesses currently view the prospect of replacing the zloty with the euro...

News from Poland—Business & Law, Episode 30 (part 2): Examination of a foreigner testifying before a Polish civil court as a party

In the second part of the program News from Poland—Business & Law in which Konrad Grotowski and Jakub Barański continue to dicuss about taking the testimony of a foreigner (especially a member of a company’s management board) in a Polish civil court as a party to the proceedings. News from Poland—Business & Law is a synthesis of important current events in the Polish economy and changes to Polish law, especially those that may concern management board members and affect the risk of serving on boards. The programme is intended for foreign directors of Polish companies, foreign investors in Poland, and their foreign advisers...

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