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  1. 'Grand Bahama right now is dead': A firsthand look at Dorian's destruction  CNN
  2. In Bahamas, Battered Residents Ask: Where Is Our Government?  The Indian Express
  3. Aid workers trying to help desperate homeless families in Bahamas  USA TODAY
  4. Hurricane Dorian's aftermath in the Bahamas: The latest  CNN International
  5. ‘It looks like an atomic bomb went off.’ Here’s what Hurricane Dorian did to the Bahamas.  Miami Herald
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  1. 'Total devastation': Hurricane slams parts of the Bahamas  The Associated Press
  2. Bahamas Relief Efforts Frustrated as Dorian Pulls Away  The New York Times
  3. Hurricane Dorian leaves terrible destruction in Bahamas as it rolls toward U.S.  The Washington Post
  4. Hurricane Dorian: The Bahamas engulfed by flooding in satellite images  USA TODAY
  5. Bahamas' tourism could be devastated for a long time after Hurricane Dorian  CNN
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Volunteer chopper pilot finds dozens living in Bahamas debris  New York Post

An American volunteer chopper pilot taking part in rescue efforts in the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas made a startling discovery — as many as 40 survivors still ...

Tropical Storm Humberto Leaves the Bahamas After Bringing Heavy Rain to the Hurricane Dorian-Ravaged Country  TIME

Tropical Storm Humberto finally left the Bahamas on Saturday after dumping rain on parts of the islands that were decimated just days ago by the Category 5 ...

Bahamas Is Spared as Tropical Storm Humberto Moves Away  The New York Times

NASSAU, the Bahamas — The Bahamas breathed a sigh of relief as a new storm changed course on Saturday and skirted the islands that were devastated by ...

Bahamas struggling for a way forward after Hurricane Dorian’s devastation  The Washington Post

NASSAU, Bahamas — Shella Moneistime paced outside a packed government shelter for hurricane victims. Her 3-week-old son wore a clean diaper as he ...

To Help The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Take A Vacation To The Bahamas  Forbes

If you want to help the Bahamas, taking a vacation there now is a great way. With over 60% of the economy dependent on tourism and over 90% of upscale hotel ...

Bahamas Hurricane Dorian recovery: Bahamians say they've received "nothing at all" from their government as new storm looms  CBS News

Last Updated Sep 13, 2019 10:03 AM EDT. Nassau, Bahamas -- Another major storm could be headed to the Bahamas, as a new system takes shape over the ...

3,900 evacuees from the Bahamas have come to south Florida  CNN

Maimi (CNN) About 3,900 evacuees escaping Hurricane Dorian's devastation in the Bahamas have been processed through south Florida by air and sea, ...

Update On Recovery In The Bahamas  NPR

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Dr. Duane Sands, the minister of health for the Bahamas, about recovery efforts two weeks after Hurricane Dorian devastated parts ...

The Bahamas needs your tourist dollars: Here's where you can still visit  CNN

The islands of the Bahamas cover a lot of territory, and not all of them were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Find out which ones are still open to tourists and ...

The Bahamas wants tourists to know it’s still open for business  The Washington Post

Tourism officials in the Bahamas are trying to spread the word that much of the country is still open for visitors. With news of devastation front and center, that task ...

A delicate message from Bahamas to fend off Dorian tourism crisis: Most of us are fine  Bradenton Herald

As Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands recover from Hurricane Dorian, locals in the rest of the archipelago are trying to remind people that it's still a tourist ...

With Thousands Still Missing, Organizations Face "Herculean" Challenges Delivering Aid in Bahamas  Miami New Times

In the midst of the chaos and confusion following Hurricane Dorian, aid organizations in the Bahamas have been forced to wait for things to slow before being ...

Death Toll Rises to 30 in Bahamas, as Stories of Survival Emerge  The New York Times

NASSAU, Bahamas — Days after Hurricane Dorian bore down in fury on the Bahamas, leaving at least 30 people dead and thousands homeless, harrowing ...

Bahamas Hurricane Survivors, Desperate for Respite, Seek Passage to U.S.  The New York Times

The rush to fill flights and ferries has raised questions about what immigration rules apply for Bahamians seeking refuge.

Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas: Damage leaves neighborhoods flattened and homes shredded across Grand Bahama Island  CBS News

Last Updated Sep 4, 2019 9:23 AM EDT. As Hurricane Dorian accelerates up the Florida coast, the magnitude of the storm's destruction in the Bahamas is ...

The death toll in the Bahamas is likely going to soar, officials say  CNN

Amid rescues in devastated areas, officials in the Bahamas raised the death toll from Hurricane Dorian, brought in body bags and coolers and said hundreds of ...

Hurricane Dorian Is Gone. But the Bahamas Still Faces a Big Risk From Infectious Disease  TIME

Contaminated water and poor sanitation caused by Hurricane Dorian puts Bahamians at risk of infections and disease. However, reports of cholera are false.

Friends Remember One Of Dorian's Victims On Grand Bahama  NPR

Former classmates and colleagues are remembering one of the many victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Philip "P.J." Thomas was a captain and ...

Here's What It's Like in the Bahamas After It Was Devastated by Hurricane Dorian  TIME

Hurricane Dorian has claimed at least 43 lives and destroyed many buildings, especially on the island of Abaco. Here's what to know.

Ferry operator apologizes after dozens of Bahamian evacuees were told to get off a ferry headed to the US  CNN

The ferry boat operator that ordered dozens of hurricane evacuees off its boat did so because it did not properly coordinate the evacuation ahead of time, US ...

Tropical cyclone bears down on Bahamas, U.N. pledges aid  Reuters

A tropical cyclone carrying heavy rain and strong winds neared the already devastated Bahamas on Friday, threatening to complicate Hurricane Dorian recovery ...

Trump's Immigration Chief: Bahamas 'Capable Of Taking Care Of Their Own'  HuffPost

As Bahamians seek to escape the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli is defending the ...

Abaco Islands, at a Remove From the Bahamas’ Resorts, Feel Dorian’s Wrath  The New York Times

The small islands, sparsely populated by fishermen, manual laborers and migrants from Haiti, reportedly had thousands of homes damaged or destroyed by ...

Hurricane Dorian Batters Bahamas as ‘Catastrophic’ Storm  The New York Times

Hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas Sunday, the strongest on record to hit the northwestern part of the archipelago, leaving residents seeking shelter ...

Two Ways To Help The Bahamas Hurricane Recovery: Donate, Then Plan To Travel There  Forbes

There are two major ways to help the Bahamas recover from the unprecedented devastation from monster hurricane Dorian. First, donate money, goods or time ...

Hurricane Dorian left about 17% of Bahamians homeless, and finding refuge won't be easy  CNN

(CNN) Patrick Joachin stood in line at a police station in the Bahamian capital of Nassau, hoping to get a document that would prove he has a clean criminal ...

‘Bahamas is presently at war’: Slow-moving Dorian wreaks devastation across island nation  The Washington Post

NASSAU, Bahamas — The Bahamas confronted a national catastrophe from the strongest storm on record to hit this island nation, as Hurricane Dorian's slow ...

Billy Currington Holds Benefit Concert to Aid Bahamas  Taste of Country

Billy Currington is well known for his love of the tropical beach lifestyle, and so it comes as no surprise that the singer wanted to do something to help out the ...

Hurricane Dorian Batters Bahamas, Killing at Least 5: ‘a Historic Tragedy’  The New York Times

MIAMI — Hurricane Dorian, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, hung over the Bahamas on Monday, thrashing the archipelago with high winds ...

Trump needs to get his messaging straight on the Bahamas  The Washington Post

The administration should allow them to live with relatives in Florida while they rebuild their lives.

Wealthy patrons chip in to help a Bahamas community heal  CNN

Patrons of a vast resort community in the Bahamas chip in to help with the fallout after Hurricane Dorian. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

KSU senior collecting Dorian donations for the Bahamas  MDJOnline.com

A Kennesaw State University senior with ties to the Bahamas is doing his bit to help residents of the Atlantic Ocean nation suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane ...

NBA star Klay Thompson, whose family is from the Bahamas, is raising money for hurricane relief in the islands  CNN

NBA star Klay Thompson has been visiting his family in the Bahamas since he was a kid. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, he's giving back.

Update On Hurricane Dorian From The Bahamas  NPR

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks to Joy Jibrilu, the director general of tourism at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation about the destruction that Hurricane ...

More than 90 dogs, cats died in Bahamas shelter overwhelmed by Hurricane Dorian  USA TODAY

A GoFundMe drive for the Humane Society of Grand Bahama drew more than $160000 in donations to rebuild the shelter where 90 pets died.

Tropical Storm Humberto to exit Bahamas but several more systems to watch in Atlantic  The Washington Post

Tropical Storm Humberto, which formed Friday night, is forecast to become a hurricane in the coming days, but is departing the Bahamas and is no longer a ...

Dorian's legacy: The slowest, strongest hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas  USA TODAY

It's now certain that Hurricane Dorian's lasting legacy will be its slow, torturous rampage as a Category 5 monster across the Bahamas.

'You're alive. You're alive.' How one family hunted for loved ones amid Dorian's wreckage  USA TODAY

The wreckage of Hurricane Dorian, as seen through the eyes of a Bahamanian family.

Cruise ship to deliver aid to Bahamas, bring evacuees to Florida  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

A second Florida-to-Bahamas round-trip humanitarian cruise was set to sail the weekend of Sept. 14, weather-permitting, carrying supplies, transport specialty ...

“He’s An Idiot”: A Bahamas Resident Reacts To Trump Saying “Bad People” Are Trying To Get To The US  BuzzFeed News

GRAND BAHAMA — The video started to spread across his Facebook groups, a blurry cable news clip someone recorded on a phone, showing President ...

Thousands take to social media to find relatives, friends in the Bahamas  Houston Chronicle

A website trying to help locate people after Hurricane Dorian has more than 6400 entries.

Michael Jordan pledges $1M for Hurricane Dorian relief in Bahamas  Fox News

Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan has pledged $1 million to organizations assisting with Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Band from Bahamas turns to Colorado for help  9News.com KUSA

DENVER — Before coming to Denver to record music with his band, Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells, Earl Forbes was home in Nassau, Bahamas praying that his ...

Nashville Concert & Online Auction (Featuring Autographed Guitars) To Help Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas  Forbes

For the past seven years, some of Nashville's most talented songwriters have traveled to Hope Town on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas every year for a ...

No way in, or out: Dorian's damage to Bahamas leaves survivors and rescue teams frustrated  USA TODAY

Rescue teams can't access the hardest hit areas of the Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian's damage. Meanwhile, survivors are frustrated trying to leave.

These satellite images show Grand Bahama before and after Dorian's wrath  CNN

A striking satellite image of Grand Bahama Island shows vast areas of the island under water after Hurricane Dorian passed through the region on Monday.

Corpses Strewn, People Missing a Week After Dorian Hit the Bahamas  The New York Times

The total number of those missing and dead may not be known for weeks, even months. But a walk through one of the hardest hit areas showed several bodies ...

Lifelong Bahamas resident says his home is unrecognizable  CNN

"Grand Bahama right now ... is dead," says a local who has given up hope on seeing his island return to what it once was. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports.

Bodies Crushed By Debris, Looting and Limited Sanitation: Survivors Describe Dorian’s Aftermath on Great Abaco Island  TIME

The category-5 hurricane devastated the Bahamas over Labor Day weekend. This is what life is like for the survivors in Dorian's aftermath.

Meet the cats who survived the Bahamas' hurricane. Now they're in N.J. and need your help.  NJ.com

Approximately 80 cats rescued from the Humane Society of Grand Bahama have been relocated to St. Hubert's.

First, 40 hours of terror. Then people ventured out — and saw their Bahamas in ruins.  Washington Post

One of the strongest storms to hit the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian made landfall Sunday, killing at least 20 people, flooding streets and leveling houses.

The Bahamas Is Learning That the United States Has Pulled Up the Drawbridge  Esquire

This country was founded to take the fire out of desperation. The current government is playing with matches.

Help Georgia Ports help Bahamas storm victims  WSAV-TV

GARDEN CITY, Ga – (WSAV) The Georgia Ports Authority is gathering relief supplies to help people in the Bahamas who are struggling to recover after ...

Man reunites with stranded dog in the Bahamas  WPTV.com

There are so many stories of total obliteration and despair coming out of Marsh Harbour on Abaco Island in the Bahamas. But among them are rays of light from ...

In the Bahamas, Days of Desperation After Dorian's Destruction  The Wall Street Journal

Hurricane Dorian roared into the northwestern Bahamas as the strongest storm on modern record to hit the area. On Friday, residents of Grand Bahama Island, ...

Pentagon’s involvement in Hurricane Dorian relief effort in the Bahamas expected to remain small  The Washington Post

A week after Hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas with Category 5 strength, the Pentagon's involvement in the relief effort is expected to remain ...

On Dorian-Battered Island, What’s Left? Virtually Nothing  The New York Times

This ain't no place for anyone at the moment,” said one resident of devastated Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

In The Bahamas, People On The Island Of Abaco Are Desperate For Food And Water  NPR

People on the hurricane-devastated Bahamian island of Abaco are desperate for water, shelter and food. Supplies are beginning to arrive but the need is ...

News Wrap: Another tropical system hits the northern Bahamas  PBS NewsHour

In our news wrap Friday, a new tropical weather system has hit the northern islands of the Bahamas, with forecasts calling for up to four inches of rain and winds ...

A 12-year-old from the Bahamas has reunited with her mom in Florida after days in a shelter for unaccompanied minors  CNN

(CNN) A 12-year-old from the Bahamas who'd been held for days in a Florida shelter for unaccompanied minors has been released from custody and reunited ...

In visit to hurricane-ravaged Bahamas, UN chief calls for greater action to address climate change  UN News

World leaders attending the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit are being urged to show up armed not with speeches but with plans to achieve carbon ...

Cleanup resumes in Bahamas as tropical storm swirls away  nbc25news.com

MCLEAN'S TOWN, Bahamas (AP) — Jeffrey Roberts lifted a mustard-yellow curtain from the ground to hunt for passports and other documents at the place ...

Hurricane Dorian survivor films storm's terrifying wrath in Bahamas as it pounds against his home  USA TODAY

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- As Hurricane Dorian approached Treasure Cay on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas, John Slack thought better of staying in his house in ...

Aid Agencies Struggle To Reach Damaged Areas Of The Bahamas  NPR

Following the catastrophic damage left by Hurricane Dorian, the big question now is: How to get help to the people who are in places that can't even be ...

Days after Hurricane Dorian, responders reaching smaller, isolated cays in Bahamas  The Washington Post

The nation consists of more than 700 islands and many more cays. The Coast Guard and others are trying to cover them all.

A Shantytown’s Warning About Climate Change and Poverty from Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas  InsideClimate News

When Hurricane Dorian hit the northern Bahamas, it brought the force of 185 mile-per-hour sustained winds and a storm surge almost the height of a two-story ...

Hurricane Dorian Causes Widespread Destruction In The Bahamas  NPR

NPR's Noel King talks to reporter Krystel Brown of The Nassau Guardian about what it looks like after Hurricane Dorian destroyed large portions of the Bahamas.

Hurricane Dorian Heads For Bahamas  NPR

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Rick Lohr, general manager of the Abaco Beach Resort in The Bahamas, about how he is bracing for Hurricane Dorian.

Volunteers Are Using Boats And Planes To Swarm The Hurricane-Ravaged Bahamas: "We Need Absolutely Everything"  BuzzFeed News

As Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Bahamas, Johannes and Shay Csonka began to strategize: They were going to need boats, water, generators, planes.

The "unimaginable" destruction Hurricane Dorian brought on the Bahamas  Axios

Marco Rubio tweeted the Abaco islands in the northern Bahamas are "increasingly uninhabitable."

Tropical system threatens the Bahamas and Florida  CNN

Hurricane season has peaked and there are three disturbances across the Atlantic. One of which is threatening the Bahamas and Florida, and will likely be the ...

Why You Should Visit the Bahamas, According to Travel Editors and Writers  Travel+Leisure

While the Bahamas is still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian, the island nation is as resilient as it is welcoming.

US worried China's Dorian relief effort in Bahamas may be bid to gain influence — and foothold, reports say  Fox News

Hurricane Dorian's devastation of the Bahamas reportedly has U.S. officials worried China may use the tragedy as a back door to get a foothold in the Caribbean ...

People Drowned in Their Attics as Dorian Submerged Whole Houses  Bloomberg

Teams of dog handlers from the U.S., Canada and Belgium are uncovering more and more dead bodies among the debris of Bahamas homes hit by Hurricane ...

In the Bahamas, social media is a vital tool in the search for missing loved ones  CNN

Days after Hurricane Dorian left the Bahamas behind, the search for those feared missing is underway.

Florida public schools enroll displaced students from Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian | TheHill  The Hill

A number of public schools in Palm Beach County, Fla., are reportedly enrolling students from the Bahamas who have been displaced from their homes in the ...

Tom Golisano's yacht rescues 50 dogs, delivers hurricane relief to Bahamas  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Tom Golisano's yacht transported 30 tons of supplies, including water, food and sanitation kits, from Nassau to Freeport, and rescued about 50 dogs.

Drones Document the Devastation in the Bahamas - Images and Video from Above  DroneLife

Just before Hurricane Dorian hit, we had the opportunity to speak with Christopher Todd of the Airborne International Response Team, a volunteer organization ...

The airport on the island of Grand Bahama is 'a debris field' after Hurricane Dorian  CNN

Debris littered the runway and the inside of the domestic terminal, leaving wires hanging from the ceiling. Small airplanes laid broken and twisted, almost ...

Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian Situation Report No. 02 (as of 10 September 2019) - Bahamas  ReliefWeb

This report is produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in collaboration with UN agencies and humanitarian ...

Trump Admin Says It’s Not Responsible for Bahamas Evacuees Being Kicked Off Boat  Vanity Fair

Customs and Border Protection has blamed a ferry operator for turning away more the 100 hurricane victims for not having U.S. visas.

Still Reeling From Dorian, Bahamas Hit By Tropical Storm  Bloomberg

A tropical depression near the Bahamas has strengthened into Tropical Storm Humberto.

Hurricane Dorian: devastation and destruction in the Bahamas – in pictures  The Guardian

Main image: An aerial view of damage caused by Hurricane Dorian is seen on Great Abaco Island on Wednesday Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images.

NFL great Dan Marino teams up with RV company to send trailers to the Bahamas  Miami Herald

NFL legend Dan Marino of The RV Advisor and RV Sales of Broward CEO Gigi Stetler are sending 10 travel trailers stocked full of emergency supplies to the ...

Bahamas Storm Damage Is 'as Though a Nuclear Bomb Was Dropped,' Says Head of U.S. Aid  Newsweek

The damage caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas looks like the aftermath of an atomic bomb, a top U.S. aid official has said. The powerful storm ...

Hurricane Dorian lashes the Bahamas  CNN

Catastrophic category 5 Hurricane Dorian continues to have devastating impacts across the Bahamas. The east coast of Florida will begin to see impacts today.

A 12-year-old fled the Bahamas with her godmother. They made it to Florida. Then US immigration authorities separated them  CNN

The mother of a 12-year-old from the Bahamas is trying to reunite with her daughter after US immigration authorities sent the girl to a Florida shelter for ...

Bahamas residents are fleeing Dorian's devastation. Here's how the US has treated migrants escaping past disasters  CNN

Here's a look at how the US government has responded to migrants fleeing countries where disaster struck in recent years -- and what could happen next.

Hurricane Dorian: Desperate search for missing in Bahamas  BBC News

Stories of survival in the Bahamas slowly emerge as families desperately search for the missing.

Bahamas: 'Clock is ticking' to help those who lost everything in Hurricane Dorian, says UN  UN News

The clock is ticking” for Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas to receive humanitarian assistance, the top United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) official ...

“Staggering” Death Toll Feared in Bahamas as Thousands Remain Missing  Truthout

The post-Dorian death toll in the Bahamas has risen to 30 people, though the actual number is expected to be far higher.As Hurricane Dorian lashes North ...

Long scorned in the Bahamas, Haitians living there fear what comes next after Dorian  Miami Herald

Haitians living in the Bahamas had their lives upended by Hurricane Dorian. Now they worry they may be discriminated against as they become internal ...

Impact of Dorian on children in the Bahamas  UNICEF

Amidst the ear-piercing noise of the helicopter, I could hear 11-year-old Jahmaurae Moreau say that to fly in a helicopter was “pretty cool”. He was smiling but, ...

Miss Montana to fly to Bahamas | News  Missoulian

The famous Douglas DC-3 named Miss Montana will pitch in to help with relief efforts in the Bahamas. It's expected to leave Missoula late Saturday for up to 30 ...

Bahamas Gets Much Needed Hurricane Dorian Relief After Viral Post  TMZ

The Bahamas got slammed by Hurricane Dorian but an Instagram post that went viral is bringing much needed relief.

Bahamas Officials Say Parts of Grand Bahama, Abaco Remain Cut Off  News 13

GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND — Hurricane Dorian continues to head north along the U.S. coast as the Bahamas continues to deal with the devastation the storm ...

Dorian strikes Bahamas with record fury as Category 5 storm  The Associated Press

McLEAN'S TOWN CAY, Bahamas (AP) — Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas as a catastrophic Category 5 storm Sunday, its record 185 mph (297 ...

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