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Ex-finance supervisory office's head applies for Bank of Latvia governor's post  bnn-news.com
New calendar of Latvian worldwide events launched  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia pays tribute to fallen soldiers on Lacplesis Day - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
Latvia's Healthcare Ministry proposes increasing wages for residents by 20%  bnn-news.com
Lacplesis Day commemorative events held in Latvia - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
Birth of Latvia 'only the beginning of struggle'  Budapest Times
People celebrate Martin's Day in Riga, Latvia - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
Latvia celebrates 100th anniversary of Lāčplēsis Day  bnn-news.com
October's unemployment level in Latvia at 5.7%  bnn-news.com
Blizzard of Souls is a reminder that Latvia's freedom was never a given - director  Baltic Times
Construction output in Latvia increases 5.9%  bnn-news.com
Victory over Bermondt gave people confidence in Latvia and own strength - Levits | News  leta.lv
Saeima's budget committee supports Latvia's 2020 budget outline in first reading  bnn-news.com
Mission Recognizes Latvia's Commitment to Safety, Sees Areas for Enhancement | IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency
1 passports Latvia Rules to Grant Citizenship to Immigrants' Children  The Moscow Times
Latvian artist Džemma Skulme dies aged 94  Eng.Lsm.lv
Minister: Latvia invites Azerbaijan specialists to develop business ideas in field of start-up  AzerNews
Why there's more to Latvia than Riga  The Independent
Doctors, nurses protest low wages in Latvia  FRANCE 24
Latvia takes important step toward eliminating child statelessness  Council of Europe
Estonian exports weaken as imports rise  bnn-news.com
Doctors to continue protesting in Latvia with six-day strike  bnn-news.com
Three for the weekend in Latvia: cinema, quartet and medals  Eng.Lsm.lv
Inflation in Latvia estimated at 2.3% in October  bnn-news.com
EU budget plan "unacceptable" to Latvia  Eng.Lsm.lv
Russia Seeks Extradition of Journalist From Latvia  The Moscow Times
North Macedonia and Latvia Get EFA 2019 Doc Nominations  Film New Europe
Inside Europe: Latvia to naturalize children of 'non-citizens'  Deutsche Welle
Latvia to support Roma Festival with 50000 euros  Eng.Lsm.lv
Konrad Deckert - Latvia's Baltic German French spy  Eng.Lsm.lv
Spa of the week: The Jonathan Spa Hotel, Latvia  Evening Standard
Latvia appoints representatives to China-Latvia panel for sci-tech cooperation - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
EC predicts Latvia to have the slowest economic growth among Baltics  bnn-news.com
Scarred by Malta, Latvia and Cyprus, bigger EU states push for money laundering supervisor  Malta Independent Online
The foreigners representing Latvia in sport  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia was EU homicide hotspot in 2017  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia hosts international cyber security session  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia's State Fire and Rescue Service to employ drones  bnn-news.com
New U.S. ambassador to Latvia presents his credentials  Eng.Lsm.lv
74 in line for state awards on Latvian independence day  Eng.Lsm.lv
Exhibition tells British role in Latvia's independence struggle  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian Green Party excluded from European Green Party  bnn-news.com
Tom Horn Platform Accessible in Latvia via Betsafe.lv Site  Tunf.com News
Latvia maintains 19th rank for ease of doing business  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia's Permanent Representative to EU Pavluta-Deslandes to attend meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Council  Baltic Times
State Security Service outlines terrorist financing, sanctions-busting attempts from Latvia  Eng.Lsm.lv
The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Just like Western Europe, 40 years ago  Traveller
Population of Latvia still in steady decline  Eng.Lsm.lv
Tom Horn live in Latvia with Betsafe.lv  iGaming Business
Latvia foreign minister sees Brexit extension, debate over how long  Reuters
ECB governor accused of bribery in Latvia corruption trial  Reuters
Launch of a new project to support further modernisation of the Latvian judicial system and improving access to justice  Council of Europe
Bank analysts: Latvia's GDP may have increased 2.2 – 3.2% in Q3  bnn-news.com
Film industry feels Latvia's magnetic attraction  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian army's next year's budget focused on maintaining defensive capabilities and development  bnn-news.com
Belarus, Latvia to develop convenient train timetable for 2021 IIHF WC fans  Belarus News (BelTA)
Sarah Brightman holds concert in Riga, Latvia - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
Why we're not getting 11 days off in a row - navigating holidays in Latvia  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian central bank announces annual student research contest  Eng.Lsm.lv
Visiting Ukrainian president talks about cooperation with Latvia in international bodies - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua
Tender for Riga International Airport Rail Baltica station launched  International Railway Journal
Shareholders of former Latvian bank Trasta suffer setback at ECJ  Reuters
Court declares Latvian cosmetics manufacturer Dzintars insolvent  bnn-news.com
Tom Horn Gaming Closes its Latvia Market Entry Agreement Deal  Casino Players Report
Paf details new responsible gambling push in Latvia  iGaming Business
Old cars may mean Latvia faces heavy EU pollution fine  Eng.Lsm.lv
UPDATE 1-Latvian bank Trasta wins closure review in EU court ruling  Reuters
Latvia receives Husky mine detection vehicles  defenceWeb
Magruder alumnus to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Latvia  Montgomery County Sentinel
Gold for Dadzīte at World Para Athletics Championships  Eng.Lsm.lv
Estonian-Latvian Intergovernmental Commission agrees on continued cooperation in healthcare and transport  Baltic Times
Rockville Native Installed as US Ambassador to Latvia  BethesdaMagazine.com
Soldiers move over 300 pieces of equipment through Latvian port  United States Army
Latvian premiere for horror movie filmed at Cesvaine Palace  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia sees growing direct investments from Azerbaijan: minister  AzerNews
No more "non-citizens" to be born in Latvia from 2020  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia to go to financial markets again in November  Eng.Lsm.lv
Tom Horn Platform Available in Latvia via Betsafe.lv Site  Latest Casino Bonuses
Investors and Latvian startups can sign up for Slush matchmaking session  Eng.Lsm.lv
Millions invested in Latvian vocational schools  Eng.Lsm.lv
A day in the life of Latvian Naval Forces patrol ship “Rēzekne”  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian central bank offers magical mushroom coin  Eng.Lsm.lv
Senior National Alliance figure apologises for "cloud" of far-right messages  Eng.Lsm.lv
UK arms industry giant falls short on commitment to Latvian partners  Eng.Lsm.lv
5 golden rules for businesses talking to Latvian media  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvia must pick up pace to avoid another Expo fiasco  Eng.Lsm.lv
The Lottery and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia Starts Addicts Counselling  Tunf.com News
Latest Latvian financial sector update published  Eng.Lsm.lv
Weather week in Latvia: unseasonably warm, seasonably wet  Eng.Lsm.lv
First visit to Latvia by Egyptian foreign minister  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian budget for 2020 passes first reading in Saeima  Eng.Lsm.lv
Updates from the Latvian top leagues  International Floorball Federation
Washington lobbyist paid $1m to fight ABLV bank's corner  Eng.Lsm.lv
Nord Stream 2: Russia continues to build political gas pipeline  112 International
Latvian government backs special economic crimes court  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian Ladies of Maine to prepare dinner at Penobscot Language School  PenBayPilot.com
DJA winds a wooden path and viewing terrace through forest in latvia  Designboom
Latvian economic growth to remain steady, says EC  Eng.Lsm.lv
Latvian Independent Television ceases independent operations  Eng.Lsm.lv
Saeima appoints Purgaile to Latvian financial regulator position  Eng.Lsm.lv
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