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'A bloody mess' with 'terrible loss of life': How a China-US conflict over Taiwan could play out  Breaking Defense
Several cities in China add COVID curbs as millions still under lockdown  Reuters
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How Rising U.S.-China Tensions Impact Climate Action  TIME
China Fumes Over Somaliland’s Warm Ties With Taiwan  The Wall Street Journal
China’s Central Bank Warns of Inflation Risks as CPI Climbs  Bloomberg
Ex-Arm boss exits Chinese chipmaker amid US-China tensions  Al Jazeera English
China foreign ministry: No information to offer on report about any Xi visit to Saudi Arabia  Reuters
Pentagon chiefs' calls to China go unanswered amid Taiwan crisis  POLITICO
Xiaomi’s new foldable is thinner than Samsung’s and only available in China  TechCrunch
China Has Painted Itself Into a Semiconductor Corner  Bloomberg
China's leading #MeToo figure loses appeal in sexual harassment case against star TV host  CNN
The Bursting Chinese Housing Bubble Compounds Beijing’s Economic Woes  The Wall Street Journal
In Taiwan’s Kinmen, people hope for calm amid China tensions  Al Jazeera English
Top China Chipmaker Defies US Sanctions With Earnings Beat  Bloomberg
Will a freeze in US–China climate talks threaten global action
China’s top 5 wolf warrior diplomats sinking their fangs into Europe  POLITICO Europe
China consumer prices hit a two-year high  CNBC
Security Concerns Bring China Closer to Taliban  Voice of America - VOA News
Macau to suspend ferry services with Shenzhen in China  Reuters
Western companies wake up to China risk  Financial Times
China, Nepal agree on building a trans-Himalayan network  Reuters
Ambassador’s fiery speech was the sound of China laying out terms that Australia has already declined  The Guardian
China says the US is the ‘main instigator’ of the war in Ukraine  Al Jazeera English
China's Newest Attack Submarine Now Stationed Near Taiwan  Naval News
The next frontier in the tech battle between the US and China  CNN
Motorola launches a new 2022 Razr in China  The Verge
Opinion | Chinese No Longer Recognize the America They Once Admired  The New York Times
US gaming software developer Unity wants to supercharge its growth in China  CNN
Manulife agent numbers in China, Vietnam slide on pandemic challenges, regulation  Reuters
Understanding 'NNN' Agreements in China
They came for a beach holiday. Now they're trapped in China's latest Covid lockdown  CNN
Analysis: China investors hedge U.S. delisting risk with Hong Kong play  Reuters
China's New Vassal: How the War in Ukraine Turned Russia Into Beijing's Junior Partner  Foreign Affairs Magazine
Xiaomi CEO says it has 140 vehicles across China testing autonomous driving  Reuters
China's shadow is looming over the US this week  CNN
Taiwan fishing community casting for fresh markets after China ban  Reuters
China's July auto sales extend recovery, jump 30% as COVID curbs ease  Reuters
Hong Kong's Hang Seng drops 2% as Asia markets slip; China's inflation rises  CNBC
China's Didi EV joint venture with Li Auto applies for bankruptcy - court  Reuters
Taiwan tensions: China halts co-operation with US on key issues  BBC
Why Britain Changed Its China Stance  The Atlantic
China's Covid Zero Strategy Could Last Years Under Xi  Bloomberg
China's economy could be dragged down by loss of confidence in property sector  CNBC
China labelled Australia's biggest national security threat on Q+A as tough talk on Taiwan draws passionate response  ABC News
China’s secretive space plane flies higher and longer than before  Ars Technica
UN disability rights committee to review China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Bangladesh, Lao and Singapore  OHCHR
Top US general says China's military has become more aggressive to US over last 5 years  CNN
China's Collapsing Global Image  Council on Foreign Relations
U.S. Officials Grow More Concerned About Potential Action by China on Taiwan  The New York Times
China launches new bid for internet dominance  POLITICO
China Has Leapfrogged the U.S. in Key Technologies. Can a New Law Help?  The New York Times
China's latest spike in Covid cases strands tourists and restricts travel  CNBC
They Flocked to China for Boom Times. Now They’re Thinking Twice.  The New York Times
China’s factory activity shrinks amid Covid disruption  The Guardian
China Covid Policy Shifts Gen Z From ‘Lying Flat’ to ‘Let It Rot’ Attitude  Bloomberg
China's response to Pelosi's potential Taiwan visit could be 'unprecedented' but military conflict unlikely, experts say  CNN
China once saw Europe as a counter to US power. Now ties are at an abysmal low  CNN
Scientist at forefront of China's early investigations into Covid-19 steps down  CNN
The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery — then gave the technology to China  NPR
China's economy shrinks 2.6% during virus shutdowns  NPR
China's property sales are set to plunge 30% — worse than in 2008, S&P says  CNBC
How China Wants to Replace the U.S. Order  The Atlantic
Military Force Alone Can't Counter China  Foreign Policy
‘Run philosophy’: the Chinese citizens seeking to leave amid Covid uncertainty  The Guardian
China’s Surveillance State Encounters Public Resistance  The New York Times
Starbucks sales falter in China because of Covid restrictions  CNN
Why Apple can't quit China  CNN
China braces for an even hotter weekend as temperatures climb  CNN
China's ambassador tries to cast 'no limits' with Russia as a 'misunderstanding'  POLITICO
China Pushes to Quell Protests Over Billion-Dollar Banking Scandal  Voice of America - VOA News
China Fines Didi $1.2 Billion as Tech Sector Pressures Persist  The New York Times
China Says Xi, Leaders Got Local Shots in Rare Disclosure  Bloomberg
In China, inflation is subdued as global consumer prices soar  The Washington Post
China's housing demand set to drop as the population ages, real estate broker predicts  CNBC
Apple chipmaker TSMC warns Taiwan-China war would make everybody losers  CNBC
China extends property loans at the fastest pace in three years as mortgage crisis spreads  CNN
China's Wuhan shuts down district of 1 million people over 4 asymptomatic Covid cases  CNN
Top US general orders comprehensive review of US-China military interactions  CNN
China's Xi Out of Public Eye for Extended Period After Hong Kong Visit  Bloomberg
China strengthens warning to US about Nancy Pelosi's planned Taiwan trip  Financial Times
Xi's Strict Covid Zero Policy in China Pushes Wealthy to Leave Country  Bloomberg
Japan warns of rising global tension, Russia-China arms ties  The Associated Press - en Español
China plans real estate fund worth up to $44 billion for distressed sector, source says  Reuters
Pelosi's possible visit to Taiwan raises concerns China might interfere with airspace, US official says  CNN

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