Investments in Turbulent Times: Traditional Investments in Uncertain Times 

March, 2020 - Maria Tulipano

In our geography in constant transition, resources must be shielded, which is why we must revisit as investors the macro trends as economists call it, prudence in investment matters is imposed without restraining dynamism, only taking it in a gradual and diversified way.

Investing in companies or funds with a green seal is one of the strategies that have been outlined for this new year 2020.

Invest in longevity from healthcare to services for older adults, blockchain digitization, artificial intelligence, data analysis and everything that has a green seal.

It is recommended to invest gradually and diversified, set deadlines and meet them, analyze the personal capacity to allocate money to risky products and take advantage of it. It is necessary to dedicate time as individuals and companies to good financial and corporate planning, hand in hand with financial strategists and legal advisers who identify with the business and help to be companies that give sustainable dividends and work in global sectors and few outside cyclists to the economic situation.

Financial analysts from various international entities recommend taking into account the equivalent of one year of current expenses. We are in the transition to banish the short term and put the lights on and vision of understanding investments as an exercise of years, winning over time.

LEGAL CONSORTIUM was born with the objective of satisfying the legal services needs of those who want to invest in Central America or outside the region. International investors and companies today perceive Central America as a single region, reducing the demarcations between countries. Market integration, free trade agreements and the creation of regional supervisory bodies are just some of the reasons that led five of the best law firms in the region to unify and integrate their legal services.

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