Coronavirus Interrupts Beer Board Licensing in Tennessee 

March, 2020 - Will Cheek, III

It is official. The coronavirus is slowing down the sale of beer, or at least the issuance of beer permits. We are going to keep a running list of closures atLast Call. If you know of any that are not on our list, please email me here.

Memphis Beer Board - March 18 (CANCELED)

Meetings scheduled to resume April 1

Nashville Beer Board - March 25 (CANCELED)

Meetings scheduled to resume April 9

Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Comissions

Director Russell Thomas says it should be business as normal at the Tennessee ABC. Staff will be working remotely with laptops and there will be minimal in-office presence.

Instead of canceling the March 31 meeting, the Director expects that the meeting will proceed telephonically or via other technology. The ABC is holding a special meeting later this week to approve of a new location for Nashville wholesaler Best Brands, which was destroyed in the tornado.


Kudos to my keeper Randi for this Semisonic hit lyric:

Closing time

One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer.

Closing time

You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.


Tennessee state courts have suspended all in court proceedings, except emergencies. The Tennessee Supreme Court has also extended some deadlines. Read more here.


Here is Nashville Mayor Cooper’s announcement from Friday the 13th. I think the irony of the date might have been lost.

All Boards & Commission Chairs and Members:

I am hereby requesting that the chairs and members of all Boards and Commissions of the Metropolitan Government postpone all pending public meetings scheduled through April 6, 2020, subject to requirements of the Metropolitan Charter and Code of Laws.

Upon consultation with the Metro Public Health Department, and consistent with emerging recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, the Tennessee Department of Health, and the White House Task Force on Coronavirus, this request is submitted to deter further spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus as well as to ensure consistency and finality for the public's scheduling purposes.

To the extent possible, board and commission agenda items should be deferred and placed upon the agenda of subsequent meetings scheduled after April 1. Additionally, every effort should be made to provide sufficient notice of postponement to members of the public, especially anticipated attendees, and to otherwise alleviate the resulting delays in the administrative process.

My office and the Metro Public Health Department are continuing to close monitor this evolving situation. We are also collaborating with the Metropolitian IT Services Department to format future public meetings in a manner that protects the health and safety of all attendees, using remote participation tools such as video web conferencing, teleconferencing, and other services.

I recognize the significant inconvenience cancellation and postponement of these meetings will cause. But our first priority is of course the safety of our citizens and residents; so I am deeply grateful for your cooperation and understanding. I think you for your support and patience.



John Cooper

Mayor of Metropolitan Government of Nashville


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