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Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications and Certain Telecoms Operators Promote “Solidarity Connectivity Plan” 

by Alfonso Silva and Eduardo Martin

Published: April, 2020

Submission: April, 2020


In order to allow telecommunications´ users connectivity in case that, due to force majeure, they cannot pay their monthly bills, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications has agreed with some operators of mobile and fixed telecommunication services in the country, the establishment of a " Solidarity Connectivity Plan "that will be effective from April 1, 2020.

In this manner, the beneficiary families will have free access, for a period of 60 days, to internet, social networks, emails, official sites related to Covid-19 and, the " aprendoenlinea.mineduc.cl " web page and other services included in the plan.

I. Beneficiaries of the Solidarity Connectivity Plan

Active clients who belong to the 40% of the households with the lowest income, according to the Social Registry of Homes, and who cannot pay their monthly bills.


II. How to make the benefit effective

Beneficiary users must contact their telephone or internet service providers that are part of the plan and explain their situation, requesting the activation of the "Solidarity Connectivity Plan" for a period of 60 days.


III. Included services

  • Customers with fixed internet contracts: The plan includes broadband with a speed of 2 megabytes per second.
  • Mobile customers with contract (plan): The plan includes 50 SMS, 300 voice minutes, and data with a speed of 256 kilobytes per second, in addition to free access to certain social networks and access to the sites www.gob.cl/coronavirus / and learninginline.mineduc.cl .
  • Mobile customers without a contract (prepaid): The plan includes sending and receiving emails, free access to certain social networks and access to sites www.gob.cl/coronavirus/ and aprendoenlinea.mineduc.cl . In this case, in order to qualify for the benefit, you must have made a recharge within the last 30 days.


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