Resuming Business Activities as Lockdown Ends 

by Arendt COVID-19 Solutions

Published: April, 2020

The government announced that as of 20th April 2020, masks (or alternative face protections) are mandatory when going outside (for authorised reasons only) when the required interpersonal minimum distance of 2 meters cannot be guaranteed. This measure is also applicable in the work environment.

On 17th April 2020, a new grand-ducal regulation introducing a series of health and safety measures to fight against Covid-19 entered into force. Amongst others, this regulations provides that:

  • Employers have a responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of their employees. In this sense, employers must make sure that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate the risks for employees in the specific Covid-19 situation.

  • Employers must provide individual protection equipment (face masks or alternative face protections) to their employees when necessary and ensure that masks are effectively worn when the situation requires so.

  • Employers must work in close collaboration with the staff delegation to inform their employees about the safety rules in force in the company by appropriate means, for example by posting clear instructions, internal regulations, and/or eventual penalties incurred. Employees must also be trained on safety and the correct use of the equipment provided. Clients should also be informed of the safety rules applicable in the company’s premises.

  • Employers must ensure that the premises are cleaned regularly and that work surfaces are cleaned and disinfected.

  • Five free masks per employees will be distributed to employers in calendar week 17. In case no additional masks are available in the coming weeks, alternative masks are also allowed, please find below a brochure from the Health Directorate about wearing a mask as an additional barrier measure.

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