Real Time COVID-19 Bulletin - Week of June 1, 2020 

June, 2020 -

Bogota, Cali and Cartagena will maintain the isolation measures for a while longer.
Find out here about the latest decisions incorporated by the mayors of Bogotá, Cali and Cartagena on the conditions under which they decide to extend all mandatory preventive isolation measures, Bogotá and Cali until June 15, 2020 and Cartagena for another month. It is important to mention that the National Government has designed a regulatory strategy for the reactivation of certain sectors as of June 1 today.

These are the latest transportation decisions in Colombia.
The public taxi service may be offered by any means from June 1, 2020, with full compliance with the biosafety protocols designed for this purpose. The activity of the Support Organizations for Traffic Authorities will also be allowed and the validity of some transit documents such as the driving license and the technical-mechanical review will be extended. Finally, the collection of tolls resumes

Functions of the Ministry of Health and INVIMA during the economic emergency are unconstitutional: Constitutional Court.
The Constitutional Court informed that it declared Decree 476 partially unconstitutional, through which the Government granted the Ministry of Health and INVIMA powers to facilitate administrative procedures and make more flexible requirements related to the manufacture and import of medicines, products and implements necessary to prevent, diagnose and try Covid-19.

DIAN extended term for Permanent Customs Users and Highly Exporting Users.
Permanent Customs Users and Highly Exporting Users will be able to continue operating in the country as the sanitary emergency has been extended until August 31, 2020. This opened the possibility for companies that have the quality of UAP and / or ALTEX to extend the operation whenever they modify the guarantee that covers said qualities for the duration of the emergency.

Biosecurity protocol for the mining and energy sector.
The Ministry of Health and Social Protection adopted the biosecurity protocol for the management and control of COVID-19 in the mining and energy sector. This protocol establishes the general biosecurity measures that must be adopted in the mining and energy sector in order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from human to human during the development of activities.

The CAN amended the rules on cosmetic products.
The Andean Community issued Decision 857 through which it modified Decisions 516 and 833 that harmonized the laws on cosmetic products. Among other things, this new standard covers all matters related to the Mandatory Sanitary Notification for such products.

National Mining Agency extends suspensions of administrative activities.
The National Mining Agency will suspend the attention to the public in all the offices at the national level and the terms of all the administrative actions initiated before this entity and the terms that the mining owners, applicants and proponents have to comply with the legal and technical requirements. .

New BANCOLDEX lines of credit for Bucaramanga and Pereira.
Credit lines offered by the National Government were created, through BANCOLDEX, which are part of the "Colombia Responds" program. For the city of Bucaramanga, a preferential credit solution has been designed to maintain the liquidity of micro and small companies. For Pereira, the line is aimed at maintaining the liquidity of small, medium and large companies.




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