The Civil Aviation Authority, the National Immigration Authority and the Ministry of Labor Extend the Measures Taken as a Result of the State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

June, 2020 -

Civil Aviation Authority:

  • All international flightsshall remain suspended untilJuly 22, 2020.

National Immigration Authority:

  • All identifications issued by the National Immigration Authoritythat weredue to expirebetween March 13 and July 31, 2020,willremain validuntilOctober 31, 2020,without incurring in fines or surcharges.
  • All issued documents that were due to expirebetween March 13 and July 31, 2020 (except for bank reference letters and good health certificates)shallremainvaliduntilOctober 31, 2020.
  • The NotificationsDepartment of the National Immigration Authority will allow lawyersreceive notice ontheir ongoingimmigration processesprovided they show(i) copy of therelevanttemporary Id card, and (ii) copy ofthe relevantpassport pages (data page, registration stamp, last entry stamp and multiple entry visa), therefore, it is not required that theysubmitoriginals of either thetemporary Idpassport.

Ministry of Labor- Labor Immigration:

  • The validity of work permits, that originally expired between March and June 2020, is extended according to the following:
  1. Work permitsthatexpired in Marchwill be valid untilJuly 21, 2020.
  2. Work permitsthatexpired in April will be valid untilAugust 21, 2020.
  3. Work permitsthatexpire in Junewill be valid untilSeptember 21, 2020.
  4. Work permits that expirein July will be valid untilOctober 21, 2020.
  • FromJune 22, 2020, all terms of proceedings and legal actions before the Labor Immigration Department and Regional Directorates of Ministry of Labor, willrestart.
  • Regarding immigration labor processesongoing beforethe Labor Immigration Department and Regional Labor Directorates:
    • FromJune 22, 2020, lawyers will be able to: (i)submitconsultations, (ii)submit affiliations, (iii)conductmarriage interviews, and (iv)obtain theissuance of work permit cards, that have been paid previously from work permit resolutionsalready notified.
    • FromJuly 1, 2020, lawyers will be able tocarry out online all of the following: (i)notifications, (ii)payments, (iii) issuance of digital work permit cards, and (iv) submitreconsiderationmotions.
    • FromJuly 15, 2020, all processesfor new work permit applications and work permit renewals before the Labor Immigration Department must be done through thePanama Digital
  • For in-person process, an appointment should be requested through theMinistry of Labor website.
  • Documents expiring between March and October 21, 2020, shall remain validuntilOctober 30, 2020.


  • Only humanitarian flights and those that transport cargo and products, medical-hospital equipment, medications,vaccinesand any other necessary supplies to face the COVID-19 pandemic are allowed to enter the National Territory.
  • These measures can be further extended due to the State of National Emergency.
  • The National Immigration Authority will continue in-person services for lawyers andthepublic, following all measures stablished by the Health Ministry.
  • The reopening of administrative processes may be modified according to the guidelines of Health Authorities.



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