Decree Stipulating the Content of Reports on Asset Management in Pension Fund and in Pension Asset Management Company 

October, 2006 -

Pursuant to the Act on Old-Age Pension Savings, the National Bank of Slovakia issued this Decree stipulating the requirements for the content of an annual and halfyear report on asset management in a pension fund, and annual and half-year report on equity management in a pension asset management company, as well as the content and structure of daily information about each transaction with pension fund assets.

The Decree also stipulates the duty to make these annual and half-year reports available for the inspection in the registered offices of pension asset management company and its branches as well as at other places, if it is noted in the information folder of pension fund, at a website of pension asset management company, and to publish their short versions, as shown in the Annex to the Decree, in Slovak periodicals publishing stock exchange news.

This Decree shall be applied the first time to the annual report on asset management in the pension fund and to the annual report on equity management in the pension asset management company as of 31 December 2006.



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