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The Indonesian Government’s Relaxation for Foreigners Entering Indonesia 

by Lia Alizia

Published: December, 2020

Submission: December, 2020


On 29 September 2020, the Minister of Law and Human Rights (“MOLHR”) issued Minister of Law and Human Rights’ Regulation Number 26 of 2020 on Visas and Stay Permits During the Adaptation to the New Normal Period (“MOLHR Reg. No. 26/2020”) which relaxes the previous restrictions and limitations for foreigners entering Indonesia under Minister of Law and Human Rights’ Regulation Number 11 of 2020 on The Temporary Ban on Foreigners Entering Indonesia (“MOLHR Reg. No. 11/2020”). MOLHR Reg. No. 26/2020 came into force on 1 October 2020 and replaced MOLHR Reg. No. 11/2020. Compared to MOLHR Reg. No. 11/2020, the following are the notable changes under MOLHR Reg. No. 26/2020.

Eligibility to Enter Indonesia

Subject to the satisfactory compliance with the applicable health protocols for the mitigation of COVID-19, foreigners who hold the following valid Visa and/or Stay Permit may enter Indonesia through certain immigration points: 1. a Service Visa; 2. a Diplomatic Visa; 3. a Visit Visa; only a single trip visit visa, and only for the following purposes: a. emergency and urgent work; b. business discussions; c. purchasing goods; d. fit and proper tests for prospective foreign manpower; e. support staff members in medical and food related fields; and f. joining transportation vehicles in Indonesia;

  1. Limited stay visas, can be issued for: a. work-related matters, including among others: - working as experts; - checking products and production quality; - inspecting or auditing branch offices in Indonesia; - providing aftersales services; and - installing and repairing machinery; and/or b. non work-related matters, including among others: - investment; - family unifications;
  2. Service Stay Permits;
  3. Diplomatic Stay Permits;
  4. Limited Stay Permits; and
  5. Permanent Stay Permits.

In addition to the above, foreigners who satisfy the following requirements may also enter Indonesia: 1. crews of transportation vehicles which enter Indonesia; 2. holders of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Cards (KPP APEC); 3. Traditional Cross-Border Travellers.

Those in charge of the above transportation vehicles must have made sure that their passengers hold proof of a valid negative PCR test result. Under MOLHR Reg. No. 26/2020, the issuance of free visit visas (except for crews of transportation vehicles) and visit visas on arrival, has been suspended.

Read more about it in the pdf.








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