Provision No. 357/2021 of the National Directorate for Consumer Defense and Consumer Arbitration: New Sectors will be Compelled to Include the “Cancel Services Button” on their Web Pages 

Provision No. 357/2021 of the National Directorate for Consumer Defense and Consumer Arbitration (the “Provision”), published in the Official Gazette on May 31st, 2021, incorporated the following activities to the list of suppliers that are compelled to include within their web pages the “Cancel Services Button“:

  1. Subscription to savings plans;
  2. Insurance services;
  3. Timeshare accommodation services;
  4. Subscription to streaming or digital distribution of multimedia content.

The “Cancel Services Button”, in force since May 28th, 2021, was created by Resolution No. 316/18 of the Secretary of Commerce (the “Resolution”) to ease the termination of services subscribed by consumers. The “Cancel Services Button” consists of a link that must be inserted on the provider’s home page (see list of providers in [1]) and it must comply with the following requirements: (i) to be of easy and direct access, (ii) placed outstandingly, in terms of visibility and size; (iii) it shall not leave room for doubts regarding the selected action; (iv) it shall not be required prior registration or any other procedure when using it.

Providers whose activities are incorporated in the Provision must amend their web pages according to the parameters described within 60 calendar days (i.e., until June 30th, 2021) and its infringements shall be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 24,240.



[1] The Resolution (and its amendments), establishes the following economic activities whose suppliers must incorporate the “Call off Button”:
– Landline Telephony Services;
– Mobile Telephony Services;
– Internet Services;
– Broadcasting Subscription Services;
– Prepaid Medicine Service;
– Newspapers or Magazines on paper or digital Subscription Services;
– Database Subscription Services;
– Traveler Assistance Services;
– Medical Emergency Services and/or Medical Transport;
– Clubs and/or Gyms Subscription Services;
– Contract for the Issuance of Credit Cards by Non-Bank Issuers;
– Subscription to Periodic Donations for Civil Associations with Automatic Debit.
– Security and Alarm Companies Services;
– Subscription to Periodic Donations with Automatic Debit to Non-Governmental Organizations and Public Good Entities;
– Subscription to Periodic Donations for Foundations with Automatic Debit.



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