Webinar Invitation: "Labour Issues in Corporate Restructurings and Transactions during the Crisis Period" 

June, 2022 - ALRUD Law Firm


Dear Colleagues,

ALRUD Law Firm is honoured to invite you to our webinar:

"Labour Issues in Corporate Restructurings and Transactions during the Crisis Period"

In these current challenging times, corporations face various difficulties that significantly influence their activities in Russia. Given the severe sanctions and technical issues caused by them, companies have been forced to find new business approaches. Companies frequently use organizational changes as the most expedient solution to stay afloat, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency or distance themselves from a reputationally disadvantageous part of business. Such changes require a particular focus on compliance with the legal framework, especially with respect to corporate and labour issues.

Our goal for this webinar is to share the latest practices with you, offer an insider’s perspective and provide practical solutions for business in matters concerning labour law requirements during corporate restructurings and M&A. We will describe how to ensure legal compliance and remain aware of the authorities’ increased attention by specifically addressing the following topics:

  • Labour issues in asset deals and structuring employee transfers
  • Employment aspects of a share deal – things to think about 
  • Corporate reorganizations (mergers, spin-offs, etc.) – what to do from the standpoint of labour law 
  • Relocation of business and its labour and tax aspects

Our webinar will be useful for HR directors, business leaders and the heads of legal and compliance departments.


We will be thrilled if you join us!

Registration: Please register here

Participation in the event is free of charge.


Contacts: Should you have any questions regarding participation in the webinar, please contact our marketing team at
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