Trade Mark Litigation in Malaysia: Overview 

June, 2022 - Indran Shanmuganathan, Karen Abraham, Yap Khai Jian

Dear valued clients, colleagues and friends,

Our Intellectual Property partners, Karen Abraham, Indran Shanmuganathan and Yap Khai Jian (Senior Associate), have co-authored the Q&A guide to trademark litigation in Malaysia published by Practical Law.

The Q&A gives a high level overview of trademark disputes, including how trademark infringement is assessed, the protection accorded to unregistered trademarks, invalidation proceedings, the reliefs and remedies that are available in a registered trademark infringement action, and the enforcement options that are available to a trademark holder in Malaysia.

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Please feel free to contact our lawyers if you would like to discuss any issues raised in the guide.

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Indran Shanmuganathan


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