Public Consultation – Portugal 2030 

September, 2022 - Diogo de Campos, Rui Vasconcelos Pinto, Sofia Sá Gonçalves

The strategy for the application of Portugal 2030 was designed around five main objectives of the European Union1: a smarter, greener, more connected, more social Europe that is closer to its citizens.

At the national level, these strategic objectives of the European Union are embodied in four thematic agendas of the Portugal 2030 strategy2. These have been conceived to develop the economy, society, and territory of Portugal by 2030:

  • People First: a better demographic balance, greater inclusion, less inequality;
  • Innovation, Digitalisation, and Qualifications as development drivers ;
  • Climate transition and sustainability of resources;
  • A country that is externally competitive and internally cohesive.

The Portugal 2030 Strategy will be implemented through thematic, regional (in mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions), and technical assistance programmes.

It is against this background that the Public Consultation is taking place regarding some of the programmes of Portugal 2030 and, specifically, on the documentation of those programmes and environmental reports, in technical and non-technical versions.

The documents out for consultation describe how the Portugal 2030 Strategy is to be implemented. In particular, they address the priorities, objectives and funding actions set out in each programme. It is also possible to consult the proposed way of granting funding, the distribution of the funded amounts, the target groups for each action, and the potential result indicators associated with the support.

Below we list some examples of objectives and funding actions of the thematic programmes of Portugal 2030, as well as the general objectives of the territorial programmes. We also highlight the deadlines for Public Consultation in each of the Programmes, and the platform where interested parties can leave their contributions, proposals, and suggestions.

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