In Early - The Crypto Podcast: Episode 19 with Jonny Fry 

September, 2023 - Shoosmiths LLP

Blockchain litigation lead, Matt Green will be hosting our latest podcast series, 'In Early - The Crypto Podcast' - Listen to episode 19.

Episode 19 features Jonny Fry the Crypto AM Influencer of the year 2022. With a wealth of knowledge in this sector, Jonny runs Digital Bytes, which creates and distributes a weekly roundup of the biggest stories in the world of digital assets, and is the CEO of Team Blockchain.

Matt and Jonny speak about a huge array of topics, from how the technology helps regulated markets with transparency and security, how a digitised and DLT led funds market might benefit from assuring accuracy of price and speed of transacting, alternative use cases for the metaverse, his view on the declining global use of the US dollar and what might replace it, CBDCs and their role in inter banking transactions, as well as the Digital Bytes brand as a research and publishing outfit, via digital media content and podcasting, and much more.

Listen to the podcast below and send your thoughts to [email protected].




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