Mintcoin Secures Innovation Award 

As we navigate a rapidly changing digital landscape, upskilling our people continues to be a priority.

In response, the innovators at MinterEllison developed Mintcoin, an internal crypto currency designed to reward participation in the firm’s Digital Academy program and innovation initiatives.

We’re thrilled to announce that this initiative has secured MinterEllison a spot on the AFRs Most Innovative Companies list for 2023.

Blending formal learning and experiential learning

Mintcoin not only incentivises individuals to engage in formal learning but also offers valuable insights into crypto tokens, digital wallets, and blockchain technology as they claim rewards. A firmwide Mintcoin leaderboard fosters friendly competition among teams and individuals.

MinterEllison's Chief Digital Officer, Gary Adler, explained: "Our clients are prioritising digital transformation. As a result, it's also a top priority for us. Mintcoin encourages our staff to invest time in upskilling while introducing them to exciting new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies through everyday work experiences."

Our project team developed a prototype focused on delivering a seamless and secure user experience, collaborating with a high school student who is experienced in blockchain, NFTs, and crypto technology.

We recognise the importance of fully engaging our workforce with emerging technologies for achieving business objectives and maintaining a competitive edge. Formal training, safe experimentation, and gamified competition play crucial roles in this process.

"With more than 11,000,000 Mintcoin claimed by our staff, we're witnessing tangible improvements in our teams' digital fluency," said Gary.



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