Trade Compliance and Management Systems After September 11 

April, 2002 - Tim Powers

Introduction A. Changes Since September 11. The events of September 11 have brought about an unprecedented surge of change in laws and regulations related to international trade and other aspects of global business. Companies would be well-advised to update and upgrade their trade compliance, internal monitoring and management systems to accommodate the changes that have already occurred and those yet to come. The U.S. government and its agencies are expecting corporations to share the burden of increased security, providing incentives to those who do so and penalties for those who do not. Trade in goods and services is the primary area of concern discussed here, but corporate compliance programs may also include other areas such as immigration, financial services, technology and privacy, and labor and employment to the extent such issues are applicable to company business. B. Overview of the Presentation. This presentation will provide an overview of changes in laws and regulations that should be incorporated into corporate compliance programs and internal monitoring systems related to trade. The primary emphasis will be on regulation of trade in goods, but certain aspects of trade in services will also be covered. C. Appendix of Resources. Companies and their legal counsel are encouraged to refer to the appendix which includes a corporate compliance checklist and a listing of helpful resources that will provide assistance to companies in reviewing and updating their compliance and monitoring systems.



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