Why Mauritius: a Global Investment Centre 

April, 2012 - Thierry Koenig

Over the years, Mauritius has proved to be a reputable and internationally recognised, competitive and dedicated global financial
 centre that attracts investors not only for its tax incentives and its numerous and advantageous OECD model double tax treaties. 
The high level of services provided by qualified and bilingual professionals at affordable costs, the political and economical stability of the country, the progressive regulatory framework of the global financial sector and its integrity (Mauritius has never been listed on the OECD black list and gray list). Mauritius is seen as a low tax jurisdiction of substance.

Mauritius is broadly used to invest in Africa and Asia and remains the favourite platform for investments in India. Structures available in Mauritius include company limited by shares; company limited by guarantee; company limited by both shares and guarantee; limited life company; unlimited company; and, limited partnerships.

In order to make use of the fiscal incentives and take advantage of the various tax treaties offered by Mauritius, we recommend investors to set up category one global business companies (GBC1). GBC1 are tax resident in Mauritius and are taxed at an effective maximum rate of 3% after application of deemed foreign tax credits. Applications for GBC1 are processed within four to ten business days.

 Who we are

CK (Corporate Services) is the first firm in the country to have obtained an offshore certificate for international legal services and management of companies issued by the Mauritian Financial Services Commission and is the international arm of De Comarmond & Koenig, which is the oldest law firm in Mauritius, dating back to 1828.


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