National Bank of Angola 

July, 2013 - PLMJ

Translation of the FAQ on the New Foreign Exchange Rules:

What currency should be used to pay the salaries of employees in angola?

The salaries of employees who are foreign exchange residents in Angola, irrespective of the sector  of activity, must be paid in Kwanzas, the national currency.

When Will i start to receive my salary in KWanzas?

As of 1 July 2013, in accordance with the implementation calendar of Law 2/12 of 13 January,  defined by Order no. 20/12 of 15 April (article 3 paragraph 3). 

In the case of salaries that are indexed to a foreign currency, What exchange rate must be used by  companies for the conversion of salaries?

Salaries must be paid in national currency. In case of contracts negotiated with indexation clauses, the parties are free to set the exchange rate using as base reference the exchange rate published daily by the National Bank of Angola.

In case of participation in development programmes abroad, the  amounts  paid by the employer are  received  abroad  in the currency of the host country unless otherwise imposed by the monetary authorities of these countries.

During this period, should any compensation be paid in Angola, same shall be paid in national currency. shall be paid in national currency.

Can  employees  continue  to  receive  their pensions in banKs accounts domiciled in financial institutions established in angola in a foreign currency?

In relation to pensions paid directly by non- resident entities, employees may receive them in their accounts in a foreign currency. If it is the employer that is paying the pensions, it must always do so in national currency.                                                                                                          


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