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Coronavirus: Impact on Insurance
PLMJ, March 2020

The Coronavirus, COVID-19 has raised numerous important legal issues. However, one issue has assumed an even higher profile with the recent classification of the virus as a pandemic. This is the question of what claims can be made under the different insurance products on the market to cope with the losses, whether direct or indirect, that Portuguese businesses have been facing...

Coronavirus: Buying and Selling Property in Times of Social Distancing
PLMJ, March 2020

There is expected to be a natural slowdown in the completion of real estate transactions in the coming weeks/months. The more immediate effects of the current situation, and of the administrative measures that continue to be adopted to control the pandemic, are especially reflected in relationships that have already been established...

Coronavirus: Impact on Town Planning Procedures
PLMJ, March 2020

In this context, general measures have been established that may have an impact on planning procedures that are underway and on town planning management decisions already issued...

Leasing Considerations During COVID-19 Pandemic
Dykema, March 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a wide-ranging impact on the U.S. real estate industry, particularly on the relationship between landlords and tenants. In order to better understand impending risks, both landlords and tenants should review their leases and insurance policies and consult real estate counsel before taking action. A sampling of leasing issues arising during the COVID-19 pandemic is set forth below...

COVID-19 and Force Majeure
Makarim & Taira S., March 2020

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the globe, including Indonesia. Consequently, on 12 March 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Due to this pandemic, many businesses and factories are temporarily closed causing critical implications for businesses, both international and domestic...

Eviction on Touristic Housing is Banned During Isolation Period
Brigard Urrutia, March 2020

According to Decree 93, on March 25, 2020 the Mayor of Bogota urged the providers of touristic housing, meaning any person that grants the use over any kind real estate property in exchange for a price such as the managers of hotels or hostels, to refrain from evicting users under vulnerable conditions in case of default...

COVID-19 State of Emergency Conditions in the Czech Republic
Kocian Solc Balastik, March 2020

State of Emergency Conditions What does "state of emergency" actually meanand what are the powers of the Government in the regard? Can someone claim damages incurred in relation to the state of emergency? State of Emergency With effect from 12 March 2020 at 2 pm, the Government of the Czech Republic (the “Government”) has declared astate of emergency for 30 daysfor the territory of the Czech Republic due to health threats related to the presence of coronavirus in the

Texas Supreme Court Reaffirms Broad Construction of Eight-Corners Rule
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

In a unanimous decision, the Texas Supreme Court held on March 20, 2020 that an insurance policy’s omission of an express duty to defend “groundless, false or fraudulent” claims does not preclude application of the Eight-Corners Rule. InJanet Richards, et al. v. State Farm Lloyds, No. 19-0802, ___ S.W.3d ___ (Tex...

Coronavirus and International Carriage of Goods by Road
Wardynski & Partners, March 2020

A range of legislative and legal initiatives have been taken in recent days to control the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic. How will temporary closing of borders and mandatory hospitalisation impact carriers’ liability in international transport of goods by road? Legal solutions adopted Faced with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic, the Polish government has decided to take drastic legal measures...

Building and Construction: What the COVID-19 Lockdown Means for You
MinterEllisonRuddWatts, March 2020

From 11.59pm on Wednesday 25 March, New Zealand will be at ‘Alert Level 4’ of the country’s pandemic response plan seeking to limit the spread of COVID-19. Only ‘essential services’ will remain open and operational for the next 4 weeks, at least. Many in the construction industry have prepared their workplace for a potential lockdown...

COVID-19 and Insurance Coverage Implications
Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC, March 2020

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many questions about insurance coverage. Because each policy is different, it is very difficult to generalize about insurance coverage. However, one thing we know to be true is that policyholders or insureds will be advocating for losses, primarily business losses, to be covered, while the insurance companies will be arguing the insurance policies preclude coverage either due to policy definitions or due to policy exclusions...

Business Interruption Insurance Coverage in Times of the Coronavirus
Waller, March 2020

Two schools of thought have emerged on business interruption insurance coverage for coronavirus, either (a) it is a total panacea that will shift the risk of coronavirus revenue losses to insurance carriers or (b) there is no possible coverage for losses caused by coronavirus. As with most things in life and insurance, the truth lies somewhere in between and will depend on the specific policy at issue and the jurisdiction interpreting the policy...

COVID-19 and Global Issues: A Contrarian's Solution to Construction Contracts?
Lawson Lundell LLP, March 2020

  For consideration by owners, contractors, suppliers, and project teams towards solutions on current and/or future projects. Global pandemic.  Oil trade war. Volatile FX Markets.  Market collapse?  East African locusts.  All of these global issues, and potentially others, will impact existing and new construction projects in Canada and the world over the coming months. However, a delay to a project does not always mean the project will inevitably cost more...

HIPAA Guidance During COVID-19
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

Amidst continuing COVID-19 concerns, regulators issued certain waivers of HIPAA requirements and penalties as well as additional guidance applicable during this public health emergency. HIPAA Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth...

A ‘Healthy’ Approach to Possible Commercial Lease Defaults in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Verrill, March 2020

As COVID-19 cases mount across the country, the inability to perform commercial lease obligations due to unforeseen circumstances has moved to the forefront. In contract-speak, unforeseen circumstances that lead to non-performance by a party are known as “force majeure” events...

Construction to Continue For Now Following Governor Newsom’s "Stay at Home" Order
Hanson Bridgett LLP, March 2020

  On March 19, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Director of the California Department of Public Health ordered all Californians to stay home, “except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors.” The order provides that the State Public Health Officer “[m]ay designate additional sectors as critical in order to protect the health and well-being of all Californians...

UPDATED: Important Shelter-in-Place Exceptions for Some Construction Activities
Hanson Bridgett LLP, March 2020

Many jurisdictions in Northern California and throughout the State have ordered individuals who live in those communities to shelter in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition, all businesses except for “Essential Businesses” have been ordered to close. Certain construction activities, however, are exempt from the Shelter-in-Place orders, including housing projects and public works...

Business Interruption Insurance May Cover Losses Related to Coronavirus
Hanson Bridgett LLP, March 2020

As each day that passes while COVID-19 spreads throughout the country, more businesses are closing their doors to protect their employees, customers, vendors, and other people with whom they come into contact. And many of them are wondering whether there is coverage for their business losses during this time. Business interruption or business income coverage is sometimes included in commercial property coverage...

COVID-19 Realty Bites - After Drop in Sales, Will COVID-19 Lead to Eviction of Retailers from Malls?
Kochhar & Co. Advocates & Legal Consultants, March 2020

Tips on how to mitigate losses: Mall Leases: Mall leases have ceased to be in the nature of a tenancy agreement. The clauses are no longer limited to availability of the premises, rent, lock-in period, repairs, and exit. Mall owners have come to impose sale targets on the retailers operating from their malls. Rent consists of both a percentage of the revenue earned by the retailer as well as a fixed monthly payment...

COVID-19 Client Alert
Veirano Advogados, March 2020

The new virus COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, is spreading exponentially all over the world, also in Brazil. The outbreak is affecting the way in which our clients and their clients conduct their businesses, and the behavior of each and every one of us drastically. The virus is not only tragic for those, whose health is being affected, but also for large parts of the economy, such as the tourism industry, airlines and general retail (other than nutrition-related)...

Covid-19 – A Few Important Considerations for Tenants
Delphi, March 2020

The spread of the Coronavirus now affects all parts of society. Businesses must review their operations to minimize the negative consequences that may follow. At the same time, it is important to be aware of the legal consequences that may arise from risk minimization. Below is a general summary of some issues that can arise for tenants in commercial premises...

Which Insurance Covers Corona Damages? What Do You Have to Do Not to Lose Coverage?
DORDA, March 2020

Insurance companies ensure uncertain risks of individuals that may arise in the future and cover such risks with the premiums of the insured community. Once the risk has already occurred or is about to occur immediately and one does not have taken out insurance already, it is not possible to get insurance cover anymore...

COVID-19 Q&A on Real Estate and Tenancy Law
DORDA, March 2020

  In the days between 13 March 2020 and 15 March 2020, the government announced a comprehensive package of measures to combat Covid-19 ("Corona virus"), which is to enter into force on 16 March 2020. This in particular includes the ordered closure of shops and restaurants. The following initial overview addresses a number of key issues that arise for tenants and landlords as a result of the current situation...

COVID-19 and Construction Industry Insights
Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC, March 2020

Restrictions related to COVID-19 have created immediate impacts for businesses of all sizes. Regardless if your industry has been directly affected by government mandates to work from home or restrict travel, it seems that no company can operate under a "business as usual" mindset over the near future...

Additional Insights on Force Majeure Under Texas Law
Haynes and Boone, LLP, March 2020

As individuals, businesses, and governments continue to take actions to mitigate or contain the worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is likely that performance of contracts agreed to long before the emergence of the pandemic will become difficult, if not entirely impossible...



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