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BLP | July 2018

According to the bill, online purchases will also be taxed Recently, the government announced the submission of the latest tax reform to the Legislative Assembly, which is called the Public Finance Enhancement Plan. This new tax package is the merging of four projects that have been floating around the Legislative Assembly for a few months now ...

BLP | April 2020

The Costa Rica´s General Directorate of Customs issued the statement DGA-010-2020, which expands the list of products for surgical use that have export and re-export restrictions, which they had initially established through directive DGA-003-2020. The products added are as follows: Mono-glasses: Mono-glasses with indirect ventilation, transparent lens, foam covered frame and adjustable headband. Ergonomic and panoramic design. HSC: 9004.90.10.00 ...

BLP | June 2020

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance recently published Ministerial Agreement 144-2020 that contains the national strategy for controlling the epidemic COVID-19 and confinement conditions ...

BLP | February 2023

A free transfer is when the donor (transferor) bestows a benefit or right without being paid, even though the transfer may be subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions, such as an inheritance, donation, or prize. The taxpayer in this type of conveyance is the party who accepts the benefit or right (transferee) since they receive an income. A donation deductible under article 39 of the Tax Agreement Law is exempt since it receives a different tax treatment ...