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DSL Lawyers | February 2016

Besides other exemptions contemplated under the law that approved the 2016 budget for Macau SAR (Law No. 15/2015, of 28 December 2015), the core special exemptions applicable cover Corporate Tax, Professional Tax and Property Tax. Corporate Tax The taxable profits accrued in the companies’ annual accounts re ...

DSL Lawyers | February 2016

Latest Legislative News on Employment Related Matters Law 15/2015 became effective on 1st January 2016 - the official budget law sets annual exemptions, deductions and tax withholding minimum thresholds for 2016. Regarding professional tax the following applies in Macau for 2016: 1. Tax rates (professional tax rates) are progressive up to 12% with the top tax rates applying to an annual income over MOP424,000. Professional tax rates apply to residents and to non-residents. 2 ...