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Wardynski & Partners | January 2012

<table border="0" width="780" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <p>To date, under Panama law (and ever since 1917<a name="_ftnref1"></a><a href="wsg_admin14 ...

Wardynski & Partners | August 2007

When August turns to September, 2007, a new market called NewConnect will open on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). It will support the trading of shares of small and medium-sized companies.   The expectation is that issuers entering this new market will not be large companies (of market capitalization around PLN 20–30 million and with a public offer value from PLN several hundred thousand to several million) ...

Wardynski & Partners | November 2006

Within the European Union the issue of taking evidence in another member state has been regulated uniformly by the Council regulation (EC) No 1206/2001 of 28 May 2001 on cooperation between the courts of the Member States in the taking of evidence in civil or commercial matters. However some general rules relating to the procedure of taking evidence abroad were developed and established long before the adoption of the regulation ...