New Name and New Corporate Identity for Gianni & Origoni

December, 2020 - Rome, Italy

Rome, December 1, 2020 – International law firm Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners is pleased to announce the change of its name to Gianni & Origoni.

Along with the new name, the firm launches a complete rebranding which includes a new logo, a new corporate identity, and a revamp of its website.

“Our new name, Gianni & Origoni, is the result of the significant changes in our firm’s history, in its partnership evolution, in its markets and clients,” says Rosario Zaccà, Co-Managing Partner of Gianni & Origoni. “This new corporate identity acknowledges our brand’s dynamism and our will to evolve while remaining grounded to our roots and core values: passion, quality, ethics, innovation.”

“Today is an important day for us, which marks a moment of renewal within the continuity of our tradition,” says Antonio Auricchio, Co-Managing Partner of Gianni & Origoni. “We believe that Gianni & Origoni represents who we are today: a law firm with an international reach and scope, based on the commitment of over 700 people - both professionals and support staff - to building a
true partnership relationship with our clients.”

The new name, Gianni & Origoni, also represents a further step in the firm’s journey towards perfecting a governance model in which management responsibilities are increasingly distributed among members. This path has included not only the creation of the main management committees, but also specialized task forces committed to defining the next steps in the evolution of the firm in strategic areas such as internationalization, innovation and sustainability.

To emphasize the origins and vision of the firm it was decided to focus attention on the names of the firm’s founding partners; lawyer Eugenio Grippo will continue to be an integral part of the firm and, through his professional activity, to represent the firm with his valuable contribution.

The overall design of the new logo is essential and elegant, and is characterized by simplicity and clarity. The chosen typeface is “sans serif”: a font that enhances the brand’s performance across platforms. The logo continues to give a special significance to "&", which pays homage to the force of the firm’s longstanding partnership, both bond and driving force, that has allowed the firm to establish itself and prosper over the years. At the same time, the logo gives new vigour to this symbol which also represents true team spirit and sense of partnership that the firm’s professionals nurture everyday with their clients. The colour palette remains true to its blue hue, the firm’s traditional and signature colour, a nod towards simplicity and minimalism.