ENSafrica Mauritius 200 Years Young

January, 2021 - Mauritius

Over the years, ENSafrica Mauritius has been involved in notably complex and substantial legal cases; has received numerous accolades, and is currently recognised as being an “outstanding international firm with market-leading commercial and dispute resolution practices in Mauritius” by Chambers Global Guide 2020.

We would like to invite you to share in the unfolding of our 200-year journey as part of our #ENSafricaMRU200 campaign; and we expressly thank you for your valued support in as many years.

The history of ENSafrica Mauritius dates back to 1820, when Henry Koenig was enrolled as an attorney-at-law at the Supreme Court of Mauritius. Henry Koenig’s career ultimately spanned more than 50 years, during which he built the island’s largest legal practice, becoming a prominent member of the Mauritian legal profession and an important figure in the Legislative Council for more than 30 years.

Almost 200 years later, in keeping with a distinguished and long history of many milestones, the Head of ENSafrica Mauritius, Thierry Koenig SA was elected on 1 July 2020 as the President of the Mauritius Law Society for a two-year term. As Law Society President, Thierry will be responsible for presiding over the interests and reputation of the legal profession in Mauritius, as well as ensuring the highest professional standard, independence and ethical responsibility of its members.

Within the backdrop of a 200-year journey, there is a stark reality borne out of the many diverse challenges and hardships others have had to overcome – unimaginable adversity spanning the fight against slavery, world wars, natural disasters and more. In these current times of stress, the international uncertainty caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), and talks of global recession, it is also an apt reminder that it is possible to survive and ultimately succeed. It is through the efforts and contributions that were made by all those on whose shoulders we stand today, those who persevered and continued despite the odds stacked against them, that there rings a message of hope.

The theme of our #ENSafricaMRU200 campaign is ENSemble, the meaning of which directly underpins ENSafrica’s vision of synergy. ENSemble incorporates the concept that “the total effect of something is made up of individual parts”. It is by working closely together with you that we will set the stage to create an effect than will be far more powerful than what otherwise could be achieved.

For the next 200 years, with your support, we humbly commit to continue to promote access to justice for all and the rule of law across the African continent – and to strive to cultivate sincere bonds of care with you, our clients, stronger connections with our colleagues, and to help build the communities which we serve.

Your patronage and loyalty over the years is recognised and we are grateful to you. It is because of you that we are in a position to commemorate this significant milestone – being 200 years young.