Brigard Urrutia's Innovation System Wins Seal of Good Practices in Innovation Awarded by the CCB and Icontec

March, 2021 - Bogota, Colombia

EUREKA, Brigard Urrutia's innovation system, has been awarded with the Seal of Good Practices in Innovation by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and Icontec.
This recognition is the result of the work of the team within the firm that is part of Eureka and a correct implementation of the culture of innovation, as it allows the firm to be at the forefront of best practices while strengthening the services offered to clients and the community.

Eureka is an innovation management system that was born from the need to open spaces for the constant generation of ideas. This system was created to strengthen the firm's value proposition, reinforce team leadership and enhance competitive advantages. In addition, Eureka has six fundamental pillars:

• Strategic vision.
• Methodological process.
• Corporate governance.
• Culture and knowledge.
• Allied ecosystems.
• Resources and tools.

This system promotes teamwork and training of collaborators in methodologies such as Design Thinking and Legal Design. Eureka aims to:

• Integrate innovation into our organizational culture.
• Improve customer experience.
• Attract and retain the best talent.
• Manage opportunities and projects that contribute to our continuous improvement.

Thanks to the implementation of this innovation system, Brigard Urrutia has been able to promote the generation of ideas that improve services and the welfare of the community, with the aim of being better every day.