Philip Nulud, Quoted in HBW Insight

March, 2022 - Los Angeles, California

Beauty In The Metaverse: Top Companies Move To Fence Off IP With Eyes On Seminal Court Cases

By Eileen Francis
HBW Insight

Major cosmetics companies are filing trademark applications to cover virtual representations of their brands after Facebook announced its vision for the “metaverse,” a three-dimensional virtual reality where users interact using digital avatars.

“Technically, companies’ existing trademarks don’t protect their goods in the metaverse and that is kind of why you see some companies filing for their mark for the metaverse right now,” said patent and trademark attorney Phil Nulud, senior counsel for the LA office of law firm Buchalter, in a 15 March interview.

“It can be argued that existing trademark registration for physical goods may cover these digital goods in the metaverse, but there are currently no laws or case law that govern such,” he says.

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