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December, 2007 - Madrid, Spain


Garrigues and T-Systems create Logalty to provide the necessary security for online transactions


T-Systems, a division of Deutsche Telekom, which leads the field in information and communication technologies, and Garrigues, which leads in legal advisory services for new technologies, have created Logalty, a company that generates and stores electronic proof to give online transactions the security they need.

One of the main legal problems faced currently relates to electronic proof. Indeed, it is increasingly necessary to prove that certain events have taken place using electronic proof generated by IT systems.

Electronic proof has a number of characteristics that differentiates it from conventional methods of proof: it is very much open to change (anybody can modify or delete it in such a way as to support his/her version of events) and it is very intrusive (in order to obtain such proof, it is often necessary to violate fundamental rights and more specifically, the right to privacy).

For this reason, the methods of collecting valid, electronic proof in this context have been studied for a number of years. Logalty is the product of these studies: a generator and custodian of electronic evidence to authenticate dispatches, transactions and/or access to IT systems. In essence, it generates and stores such electronic proof in neutral hubs.

All of the above justifies the various shareholders’ involvement in Logalty with, on the one hand, Garrigues, as the largest firm of lawyers in Spain and, on the other, Deustche Telekom, as the provider, though T-Systems, of the necessary technology in order to ensure that electronic proof enjoys the desired reliability.

Finally Agencia Notarial de Certificación (ANCERT) is also participating in this initiative since Logalty’s role is not limited to the generation and custody of electronic proof in a neutral hub. Rather, some of these tasks are entrusted by it to ANCERT, which is a company owned by the General Council of Notaries.

Logalty constitutes a “Trusted Third Party”, as provided by the legislation currently in force, namely Article 25 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, and offers services such as “certified electronic notices” and “electronic formalization of contracts.”

“We need to offer solutions for electronic transactions between parties that ensure their probative value. In order for electronic evidence to be favorably considered by a court, it is essential that it is both durable and unalterable. Therefore, the involvement of a Trusted Third Party is crucial to ensure the unalterability and durability of the electronic proof,” explained Jose María Anguiano, Logalty’s CEO.

The services provided by Logalty increase confidence in the use of telematic means as way of establishing a neutral and independent hub for dealings between the parties to an electronic transaction.

Logalty gives added value to its clients, backed up by Garrigues’ experience in legal security and T-Systems’ cutting-edge technology.

According to Ginés Alarcón, Logalty’s President, “Logalty’s service offering is based on the latest market technology which ensures that its systems will function perfectly, and evolve constantly so that clients can be assured that they are as effective as possible. As the guarantor and custodian of electronic proof, all elements are duplicated in real time in order to ensure that the information is as secure as possible”.

T-Systems’ leading role in information and communication technologies ensures that the latest generation of technical tools are fully available for the pursuit of its activities.

The service offered by Logalty is highly innovative in the marketplace. However, innovation does not stop at the services currently provided by the company; Garrigues’ and T-Systems’ legal and technology teams are constantly working to define and develop new value proposals giving Logalty clients the edge when it comes to pursuing their information society-related businesses.


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