News from Poland—Business & Law, Episode 31: Out-of-court enforcement of a registered pledge on shares in a limited-liability company

February, 2023 - Warsaw, Poland

What is a registered pledge on shares in a limited-liability company, and how is this security enforced? These questions are answered in the latest episode of News from Poland—Business & Law by Mateusz Tusznio, an advocate and restructuring adviser specialising in banking and finance law and restructuring of corporate debt.

Afterwards, Konrad Grotowski, host of the programme, shines a spotlight on how Polish businesses currently view the prospect of replacing the zloty with the euro.

News from Poland—Business & Law is a synthesis of important current events in the Polish economy and changes to Polish law, especially those that may concern management board members and affect the risk of serving on boards.

The programme is intended for foreign directors of Polish companies, foreign investors in Poland, and their foreign advisers.

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