Han Kun advises on the listing of "MioTech ESG Ratings"on the Shanghai Data Exchange

March, 2023 - Beijing, Mainland China

MioTech (Yingtou Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) has successfully listed its "MioTech ESG Ratings" data product on the Shanghai Data Exchange. The product, powered by full-coverage datasets that enable overall and cross-sector market analytics, effectively addresses major challenges faced by traditional financial institutions in their evaluation of corporate sustainability. MioTech ESG Ratings provides individualized analytics by taking into account industry-specific, region-specific, market-specific and company-specific material factors, substantive topics, and Chinese-specific elements, presenting company performance in and exposure to critical ESG factors, risks, and opportunities in a dynamic manner.

Han Kun acted as legal counsel to MioTech and advised the company on its listing of the "MioTech ESG Ratings" product on the Shanghai Data Exchange, providing legal opinions on compliance issues such as the legality, tradability, and liquidity risks of the data product.