SyCipLaw Welcomes New Lawyers including Nine Topnotchers to the Bar

April, 2023 - Makati, Philippines

The Supreme Court announced on April 14 the results of the 2022 Bar examinations via its YouTube channel. Out of 9,183 examinees in November last year, 3,992 law graduates passed the Bar, posting a passing rate of 43.47%.

Joining the list of successful examinees are 29 SyCipLaw associates, nine of whom bagging the most coveted spots in the top 30 with the highest scores:

1st - Czar Matthew Gerard T. Dayday
2nd - Erickson C. Mariñas
3rd - Christiane Claire T. Cregencia
8th - Rio Mei L. Uy
15th - Sharlene Ann O. Joson
16th - Nicole Kate P. Tan
24th - Jesse Brian B. Lui
26th - Aaron Daryl P. Marquez
30th - Patricia Marie E. Ignacio
Agatha M. Apolinario
Earl Anthony V. Bautista
Julia Inez M. Blando
Armando M. Bondoc, Jr.
Andrea May T. Caguete
John Dominic P. Censon
Karla Lois F. De Guzman
Julia Desiree L. Dy
Rafael Miguel A. Hernandez
Patricia Anjela N. Javier
Stephanie Ann B. Lopez
Monique Therese P. Mujer
Pauleanne Carmeli Y. Pangan
Christian Michael A. Perreras
Jose Maria C. Ramos
Mariela Marden L. Santiago
Denise Gabrielle E. Simpelo
Stefi Monika S. Suero
James Patrick L. Urquiola
Joanne Marie R. Valles

The 2022 Bar-passers are set to take their oath on May 2, 2023, at the Philippine International Convention Center. They will also be the first batch of lawyers to use the new Code of Professional Responsibility and Accountability, the Lawyers' Code of Conduct, and the new Lawyer's Oath, unveiled by the Supreme Court on April 13.