Han Kun successfully applies for two key research projects by the Securities Association of China for 2023

September, 2023 - Beijing, Mainland China

On September 1, 2023, the Securities Association of China ("SAC") announced the List of Key Research Projects for 2023. Two research projects Han Kun's Beijing and Shanghai offices jointly applied for with members of the SAC have been officially approved.

This year saw the largest ever number of key research project applications to the Securities Association of China ("SAC") and the fiercest year of competition. After a comprehensive evaluation by experts in the aspects of standardization of applications, quality of topic selection, capabilities and research background of researchers, research outlines, expected research results and support of the institutions, the SAC confirmed the approval of 180 key research project applications out of 671 research project applications. Both of Han Kun's research projects successfully obtained approval: "Research on Legal Issues, Risks and Prevention Concerning the Fund Custody Business of Securities Companies" and "Research on the Scope of Performing Duties and Legal Risks Prevention of Corporate Bond Trustees". In the next step, professional teams in both offices will work together with the joint applicants to complete the research and development of the related research projects and prepare the related reports.

Han Kun is committed to research, development, and innovation in domestic capital markets and dispute resolution, staying up to date on industry practices and judicial rulings, and actively participating in major subject research. The relevant teams have been working hard for a long time, have a solid theoretical foundation and extensive experience, and keep in close touch with the industry. The fact that two SAC annual key research projects have been approved at the same time reflects Han Kun's depth of expertise and practice and research capabilities in the relevant areas.