Gianni & Origoni: changes in Corporate Governance

March, 2024 - Roma, Italy

The Shareholders' Meeting of the international law firm Gianni & Origoni has made anumber of changes to the firm's Governance, with the aim of pursuing an even greater transparency andeffectiveness in the management of the firm.In particular, two changes were introduced. The first concerns the establishment of a Management Committeecomposed of the Senior Partner and the Managing Partners, which is vested with the powers of ordinaryadministration, except for the tasks specifically assigned to the Executive Committee, which continues to carry outthe firm's strategic management activities.The second concerns the expansion of the mission and composition of the Remuneration Committee. Comparedto the past, the Remuneration Committee will work continuously throughout the year, not only with reference tothe evaluation of Partners, but also in relation to the performance of all senior figures in the firm, in order tosupport them in achieving the results expected from each of them. For this reason, the Committee will alsoexercise a function of supervision, direction and evaluation of the performance of all Associates, according to thedirectives of the Executive Committee and in coordination with the Practice Heads.In terms of composition, the Committee, which has been entirely renewed, will be composed of seven memberswho will serve for a three-year term: Paolo Bordi, Matteo Bragantini, Augusta Ciminelli, Alfredo D'Aniello, PaoloGnignati, Kathleen Lemmens, and Raffaele Tronci. For a brief initial period, they will be joined by Rosario Zaccà,who will contribute in fulfilling the delicate tasks of the renewed body with the benefit of his experience gainedover the years as Co-Managing Partner and member of the Executive Committee.

Francesco Gianni, Senior and Founding Partner of Gianni & Origoni states: "The process of institutionalization ofthe firm continues apace with these changes. The broader role entrusted to the Remuneration Committee andthe greater number of Partners involved in the process go towards a more widespread governance and, therefore,a more mature one."Co-Manager Partner Antonio Auricchio adds: "The changes to Governance, in addition to highlighting the focustowards the growth and enhancement of our professionals, also represent a further step in making themanagement of our firm increasingly responsible, shared and effective."