Beccar Varela appoints new Managing Partner

April, 2024 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

As of April, Maximiliano N. D'Auro takes over as Managing Partner of Beccar Varela, a leading full-service corporate law firm in Argentina.

Some years ago, the partners of Beccar Varela designed a succession plan, anticipating that Horacio E. Beccar Varela - Managing Partner for over two decades - should leave the role in 2024 when he reached the maximum age established in the bylaws to hold the position, having been elected by assembly successively since he took office.

One year ago, the firm’s partners took the first step in the execution of the plan, electing Maximiliano N. D'Auro as the new Managing Partner for a renewable term of three years, starting on April 1, 2024. The 12-month period between the election and the assumption of the new Managing Partner was arranged to ensure a gradual and orderly transition.

Upon Maximiliano's appointment, Horacio will continue as a partner and will occupy the role of Managing Partner Emeritus, continuing to share his experience and contributing his strategic vision to the new leadership of the firm.

Maximiliano joined Beccar Varela in 2000, was appointed partner in 2008 and has been a member of the firm's Executive Committee since 2014. He also heads the Compliance & Investigations department. Beccar Varela was a pioneering firm in the development of the compliance practice area, which was later strengthened with the incorporation of white collar and corporate crime specialists, representing a significant innovation in the legal market.

Maximiliano expressed that he feels truly honored to have been elected by his peers as the new Managing Partner. adding: "Without diminishing the importance of individual roles, the real strength of our firm lies in its institutional structure and in a cohesive and powerful team of partners who, sharing a common vision, inspire the rest of the team of professionals and collaborators who day by day make our firm a synonym of excellence and innovation".

For his part, Horacio noted that he was very pleased with the designation of Maximiliano to the position: "Sharing this year of transition has only reinforced my enthusiasm. I am thrilled that Beccar Varela will have a leader with the national and global vision, the intellectual stature and the many other professional and personal virtues of Maxi's. This year of working together has been extremely enriching for both of us".

As a result of this succession process, occurring as the firm nears its 127th anniversary, Beccar Varela is further strengthened to continue supporting its clients in their future challenges with confidence and determination, maintaining its unique combination of experience and innovation and reaffirming its commitment to excellence.