AELEX Women celebrate International Women’s Day

April, 2024 - Lagos State, Nigeria

International Women's Day marks the period when the world forms the shape of a heart in celebration of the resilience and strength of women, especially at the workplace. The year 2024 stands as the year to inspire inclusion and AELEX as a torchbearer of gender equality and diversity, hosted its women to a luncheon to commemorate the day.

The event held on March 11, 2024, and the women of AELEX stepped out in style with some clients and friends of the firm in attendance. Speaking to the theme "Inspire Inclusion: Forging a more inclusive world for women" was Adesuwa Okunbo Rhodes, Founder and Managing Partner of Aruwa Capital Management. Adesuwa has distinguished herself in a male-dominated industry, with Aruwa Capital’s $20 million fund, she is the only female GP in Nigeria to raise over $10 million in a first fund. Her high achievements, qualified her as a suitable choice to inspire the women of AELEX by sharing her journey and steering discussions on how women can thrive in the workplace despite the many peculiar challenges.

During the event, questions about work-life balance, mustering courage in the face of fears among a myriad of other questions were tackled. Some of the female Associates expressed their appreciation for the support that the firm had always provided for the AELEX women to thrive. This is reflected by the firm’s various supportive policies and actions, notable among which are the provision of a Playpen within the office to support the women through their maternity journey, equal employment opportunities and having a healthy spread of women across leadership positions within the firm. The event took on a creative spin after lunch as AELEX women sipped and painted artworks celebrating femininity and nature.

For AELEX, organising an annual IWD event to present a safe avenue exclusively for women to discuss women-centric issues, underscores the strength of conviction, determination, and intentionality as a necessary tool for growth. AELEX stands proudly on its pedestal as a gender-inclusive firm with healthy representation of women within the workforce, equal employment opportunities, maternity and childcare support services among other inclusive policies. We honestly believe true inclusion begins when we inspire others with our actions.