Ecuador / Public Bidding to Select a Partner to Incorporate a Limited Liability Enterprise as an Associative Mechanism for A Joint Management with the Public Company “TAME E.P."

March, 2017 - Quito, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Public Aviation Company “TAME E.P.”, published on its website the Call for Public Tender to select a partner to incorporate a LIMITED LIABILITY ENTERPRISE as an associative mechanism for the joint management, in which the successful bidder should make a financial investment that represents the majority of the company’s stock to be formed.

Timetable of the process is as follows:

Announcement of Public Tender and/or Sending Direct Invitation letters: 17-03-2017
Consultation and clarification of the rules: 24-03-2017
Responses to consultation and clarification of the rules: 27-03-2017
Submission of Letters of Interest, Confidentiality Agreement and requirements: 27-03-2017
Evaluation to participants: 28-03-2017
Notification of the Evaluation to participants: 29-03-2017
Start date of the Due Diligence process: 29-03-2017
Submission of offers: 21-04-2017
Opening offers: 21-04-2017
Offer Qualification: 25-04-2017
Dates for submission of Final Report: 26-04-2017
Estimated date of award: 28-04-2017

Please let us know if you or your clients would be interested, so we may send the specifications and terms for public bidding.

Diego Ponce Perez
[email protected]
(593-2) 2562 680 ext 350