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Veirano Advogados | August 2021

Environmental and sustainability lawyer Maria Christina Motta Gueorguiev is the newest partner of Veirano Advogados. On top of a successful career spanning more than 20 years, Maria Christina will lead the Firm's Environment practice and join other partners in advancing ESG-related services ...

Veirano Advogados | March 2021

Veirano Advogados advised Voe Tranquilo on Voe Tranquilo’s BRL 2.8 Million Financing Round. Voe Tranquilo, founded in December 2018, is a company specialized in helping consumers who have problems with air transportation. The company believes in consumer empowerment combined with technology to reduce the bureaucracy of problem solving. Voe Tranquilo has raised BRL 2.8m by several investors such as Iporanga Ventures, Big Bets and undisclosed angel investors ...