Alliance Partners

Alliance Partnerships range across sectors from training to technology and are based on collaborations in which the structure and ideals of each organization reinforce the goals and objectives of both.

WSG builds alliances with organizations that reinforce our capacity to empower and inform professionals in order to better service their clients globally. The activities of its partners as an extension of activities that WSG believes members deserve and are provided in a manner that equals the quality and substance of initiatives WSG would itself undertake.




About Interact Marketing

The number of clients making decisions based on what they read on the internet continues to grow rapidly. While itís easy enough to develop a website, sign your firm up for LinkedIn or start a blog, if you do so without knowing your audience or having a well thought out plan, youíll never reach your full potential. By partnering with Interact
Marketing, WSG is able to provide member firms with the expert guidance and solutions they need to fully leverage internet marketing tools to improve their online brand visibility,increase website rankings, successfully engage with clients and meet business objectives.

Joseph Beccalori, Co-Founder and President of Interact Marketing states, "I anticipate tremendous opportunity to leverage web-based communication tools together with the strength of the WSG network in order to bring increased value and opportunity to WSG members. Through our partnership with WSG, we will continue to develop resources and tools to enhance each member's ability to create new business opportunities and better serve their clients."

The relationship with Interact Marketing is another example of WSG's commitment to providing firms with the expertise and tools that they need to reach their online marketing and business goals. Interact Marketing has worked with WSG to put together programs designed to assess a firm's digital properties and efforts, define a strategy to optimize internet marketing opportunities and implement solutions to improve search engine rankings, drive more 'qualified' visitors to firm sites and convert more visitors into clients.


Internet Marketing Approach and Programs
The approach to optimizing internet marketing efforts begins with an assessment to fully understand: a firm's target and competitive markets; how its website is currently ranking with major search engines; which keywords are most effective; and the impact of existing search and social media efforts. The results are compiled along with analytics from the WSG site and are used to develop a customized plan to execute across specific internet marketing platforms.

Recommended tactics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Website modifications and search engine optimization
  • Social media channels
  • Online content development
  • Analytics (Google, WSG, etc)
  • Blog development and blogger engagement


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Increase the Reach of your Brand by Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Click here to learn expert tips on how to better leverage your online presence from Joe Beccalori, Co-Founder and President of Interact Marketing and WSG marketing team members.


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