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Alliance Partners

Alliance Partnerships range across sectors from training to technology and are based on collaborations in which the structure and ideals of each organization reinforce the goals and objectives of both.

WSG builds alliances with organizations that reinforce our capacity to empower and inform professionals in order to better service their clients globally. The activities of its partners as an extension of activities that WSG believes members deserve and are provided in a manner that equals the quality and substance of initiatives WSG would itself undertake.




About Bloomberg Law and WSG

Bloomberg Law provides legal, tax and compliance professionals with practical guidance, news and analysis from a network of global experts, along with workflow solutions. Bloomberg Law knows customers are experts in their fields, and work smart, fast and thoughtfully to deliver the essential information that matters most to them.

Bloomberg Law and WSG have entered into an exclusive agreement including professional learning, practice forums and online resources. With this partnership, Bloomberg Law and WSG ensure clients that services provided are of the utmost reputation and will exceed the standards expected by clients. The WSG & Bloomberg Law agreement reflects the emphasis of both to bring innovative opportunities with lasting results.

The relationship with Bloomberg Law is another example of WSG's commitment to providing firms with added value to their participation in a globally recognized organization. We encourage all members to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

Alliance Features
Professional Learning

Bloomberg Law has been providing professional learning programs for over 15 years, offering high-quality webinars by expert speakers in their fields providing real world skills and valuable insights that can be implemented into your practice. There are over 300 programs per year across all practice areas including legal and tax courses in self-study formats. All are eligible for the appropriate accreditations to maintain certifications. To receive more information on the WSG members special access, please request more information through the form or email [email protected].

Practice Forums

Bloomberg Law and World Services Group are collaborating on a three-year forum series that will deliver business intelligence, drawn from market-leading news and data analysis, tailored for the advisers of global business.

Online Resources

By subscribing, members can have access to legal content and analysis, practice tools, company information and market intelligence, Bloomberg Law is the complete solution that leverages innovative technology to support the way you work.

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WSG's members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters.

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