As a WSG member, your firm’s search results are automatically associated with a global organization and its established members, increasing search engine rankings, enhancing brand awareness and building business opportunities. However, the magnitude of value your firm will achieve is tied directly to the quality and consistency of the content you provide. 


Below are three WSG resources you can take advantage of to optimize your membership and improve search engine results.


1.  Optimize Your Firm’s Online Profile & Presence

WSG firm profile pages provide members with valuable opportunities to demonstrate firm leadership and ensure that you are found for the right reasons by the right people both internally by fellow members, as well as externally from the general web community. By keeping your firm profile up-to-date and including keyword-rich content that highlights areas of expertise, you’ll ensure the consistency of firm branding and maximize firm visibility across the web. 


Optimize firm profiles by including: firm overview, logo, main contacts, areas of practice, professionals, news, articles and key links to additional information on your firm site.


2. Build & Maintain Better Professional Identities

Unlike many networks, each WSG member firm professional has an individual login and profile. With this, professionals can maintain a robust profile showcasing their expertise and adding valuable content to their online presence. Be sure that individual profiles are updated regularly and include keywords that demonstrate specific experience and industry expertise. 


Optimize individual profiles by including: biography, focused areas of practice, professional positions, accomplishments and memberships, blogs, articles, seminars and education.


3. Automate Firm Content for a Consistent SEO Benefit

Make it easier to expand the reach of your firm’s high-quality content with WSG content automation tools. If your firm has not done so already, we encourage you to submit RSS feeds to add SEO-rich articles, press and blogs to the WSG site in an easy and streamlined way. You can also enroll in WSG’s Import Module, to automatically update professional profiles from your site to ours. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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