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Consortium-El Salvador

Is a firm committed to professional excellence in meeting the need for legal services to the customers in El Salvador and throughout Central America, providing services to major investment companies operating in the region, providing complex transfers and businesses in key economic and legal sectors.

Since its foundation in 1991 under the name Delgado Brizuela & Associates, the firm continues a tradition of providing legal services of the highest standard and excellence by joining efforts of highly qualified professionals from different generations in order to provide a service that focuses its strength in efficient law practice in different areas of law and the combination of vast professional experience, knowledge of current situations of local, regional and global legal and economic reality and the recognition of the required changes in the legal profession the new millennium.

Consortium - El Salvador is composed of 50 persons. Five partners and also a large number of associate attorneys, paralegals, administrative staff that provide excellent service to current and potential clients, local and regional, allowing to meet the high demand for legal services.

Year this Office was Established: 1991
Lawyers Worldwide: 200


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Felipe  Aragon

Felipe Aragon

Senior Associate
William  Escobar

William Escobar

Senior Associate
Raul  Garcia

Raul Garcia

Nemesis  Guevara

Nemesis Guevara

Annette  Herrera

Annette Herrera

Nicole  Larios

Nicole Larios

Daniel  Leiva

Daniel Leiva

Gonzalo  Manzano

Gonzalo Manzano

Fidel  Marquez

Fidel Marquez

Senior Associate
Francisco  Medrano

Francisco Medrano

Senior Associate
Millie  Miranda

Millie Miranda

Carlos  Pineda

Carlos Pineda

Diego  Rivera

Diego Rivera

Carlos  Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Senior Associate
Pablo  Sorto

Pablo Sorto

Veronica  Tadeo

Veronica Tadeo

Marcela  Torres

Marcela Torres

Gustavo A. Vega

Gustavo A. Vega

Marcela  Zelaya

Marcela Zelaya



Working time schedules

The existence of labor protection shields, which limit the number of hours that must make up an ordinary working day, is a common denominator in Central American labor legislations, and in the case of El Salvador, there is even the peculiarity that these limits are expressly determined from the imperative Constitutional Norm, which makes them even more difficult to modify than if they were established in the Secondary Legislation. The Salvadoran Constitution in its Art. 38 Ord. 6° establishes that: “The ordinary working day shall not exceed eight hours and the working week shall not exceed forty-four hours”...

El Salvador ´s Crypto Ecosystem and next steps to implement

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu.   On Wednesday, June 9, El Salvador published in its Official Gazette a historic event worldwide, the first law in the world that provided a digital asset, specifically the bitcoin with unrestricted and unlimited clearance power in any transactions that natural persons, public or private legal entities carry out in any capacity, therefore, bitcoin became a legal tender in El Salvador...

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Costa Rica: The involvement of special agents in the Development Banking System (SBD)

The Development Banking System (SBD) was created in 2008 by Law N ° 8634, reformed in 2014 by Law N ° 9274. As its name indicates, it is a system that comprises organizations of different nature, whose purpose is to finance and promote technically and economically feasible productive projects, in accordance with the country’s development model in relation to the social mobility of the system’s beneficiaries, which are defined in article 6 of the Development Banking System Law...

Guatemala: Reforms to the Free Zone Law

On May 12, 2021, the Congress of the Republic approved 3 amendments to Decree 65-89 regulating the Law of Free Zones in Guatemala through Decree 6-21. In accordance with this amendment, the following was modified in bold type: 1. Article 1 of the law was amended in which it was established that “The purpose of this law is to encourage and regulate the establishment in the country of Free Trade Zones, which promote national development through the activities carried out in them, particularly in actions aimed at strengthening foreign trade, promoting new options for domestic and foreign investment, employment generation and technology transfer”. 2...

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